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Where Are They Now: The Cast Of "NYC Prep"

Don't pretend like you haven't googled Sebastian once or twice.

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From the left: Kelli Tomashoff, Sebastian Oppenheim, Camille Hughes, Peter Cary Peterson, Jessie Leavitt, Taylor DiGiovanni
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From the left: Kelli Tomashoff, Sebastian Oppenheim, Camille Hughes, Peter Cary Peterson, Jessie Leavitt, Taylor DiGiovanni

The show, which chronicled the lives of six wealthy teenagers living in Manhattan, had one season that aired on Bravo in 2009.

Kelli Tomashoff

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Then: Young Kelli was a 16-year-old aspiring singer and student at Birch Wathen Lenox.

Now: Shortly after the show, Kelli released a single "Gave Up On Love" and went on to attend The New School. She is now in an all girl group named "Those Girls" and recently performed at the Bowery Electric. No word on if it ever worked out between her and Sebastian.

Best Moment: When she sang at Sebastian's benefit-dinner-party for building wells in Africa. Girl had a solid set of pipes.

Sebastian Oppenheim

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Then: Sebastian was a tenth grade ladies-man who loved to talk about who he was "hooking-up" with and flipping his hair. Weirdly enough, Sebastian didn't even go to school on the Upper East Side, but at Ross School in East Hampton, about a three hour drive away.

Now: Sebastian went on to study at the College of Charleston where, according to an interview he did with Paper magazine, he experiences "long stares" on campus from time to time. He appears to be following a career in video journalism, and like any true Bravolebrity was on Watch What Happens Live… as an intern.

Best Moment: While on a date with another public school girl named, Daniella, she asks to touch the infamous hair. Sebastian replies with, "I think that's weird," and a blank stare. He later tells the cameras, "what am I, a dog?"

Camille Hughes

Via Instagram: @cisobelh

Then: Camille, a junior at the time, was widely painted as the Blair Waldorf of the show because of her lofty Harvard ambitions and dense schedule of extracurricular activities.

Now: Shortly after airing, Camille was expelled from Nightingale-Bamford School because of her appearance on the show. She then transferred to the Professional Children's School for her senior year, and went on to become a Delta Delta Delta and laboratory research assistant at William & Mary University. Her twitter bio now reads, "Yes, I am that Camille from Bravo's NYC Prep. No, I didn't go to Harvard. Yes, I know the show is on Netflix." She's also on Vine.

Camille now appears to be in on the joke.

Best Moment: When the Harvard tour guide tells her that she probably won't get into Harvard.

Peter Cary 'PC' Peterson

Via Instagram: @pcpnyc

Then: PC was the oldest of the group at 18, Jessie's best-friend and a senior at the Dwight School on the Upper West Side. He had a penchant for starting drama, scarves, and talking about money. He and Jessie occasionally had awkward conversations about dating each other.

Now: Post-show PC seems to have gone off to attend Rollins College and interned at the MoMA. He is now an active sports car racer, and played "Guy Kissing Jessica" in a movie with 50 Cent. How ironic.

Best Moment: The time he didn't get to sit front row at fashion week, and threw a fit while the show was happening.

Jessie Leavitt

Via Instagram: @bravocelebtv

Then: Jessie was an ambitious senior at the Dwight School who was heavily involved with Operation Smile, and had dreams of a career in the fashion industry.

Now: Jessie is still studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has interned at Cynthia Rowley, Carmen Marc Volvo and currently, Chanel according to her LinkedIn profile.

Best Moment: When PC casually tosses a water bottle at her, she responds with rage in her eyes, "Did you just throw a mother fucking water bottle at me?"

Taylor DiGiovanni

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Then: Taylor was the public school girl who was involved in not one, but TWO love triangles between her, Kelli, and Sebastian, and her, Sebastian, and her ex-boyfriend Cole.

Now: Taylor was expelled from Stuyvesant High School in Battery Park shortly after filming, and the only trace of her online is a strange YouTube video. However, rumor has it that she was heavily involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement and now works at an upscale Manhattan burger restaurant, though that is unconfirmed.

Best Moment: Taylor ends things with Sebastian in front of the Astor Place cube and asks if they could be friends post break-up. He promptly responds with, "we're not friends."

Runner Up for Best Moment: Taylor freaks out when she sees Amanda Bynes at fashion week. She knew all along.

All eight episodes of NYC Prep are available for streaming on Netflix.

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