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This week we are taking a look at the popular Whole30 Challenge!

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What is Whole30

Here is a quick summary of the Whole30: On the surface, the Whole30 menu looks a lot like the Paleo diet (low carb, high protein), but think of it more as an elimination diet. For one month, it completely strips away "hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups," considered to be grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and legumes. Equally as important as eliminating these groups is not to be tempted to "junkify" their old favorites — for example, a meaty "Paleo pizza" or "coconut-flour pancakes" are off-limits. For Whole30 participants, it's not about stretching the rules of the diet to their furthest limits. It's about learning to enjoy whole, clean, simple foods that fuel your body.

Why am I doing it? Well, the answer is pretty simple. I care about my health enough to try this out. It's pretty interesting. When I first heard about it, I thought "How am I going to do this?" And that is still a concern. No grains (bread, oats, rice and all of those things are off limits). No dairy (cheese, yogurt and milk). No soy. You can eat all fruits, most veggies and most meat. Honestly, I am adding a fried egg to everything.

What have I experienced since starting? A lot, actually. I have previously had pretty bad stomach issues. Since starting, this has improved a lot. I also realized that I have a pretty bad sugar addiction. I have been struggling through getting through those cravings. Fruit helps a lot! Additionally, I have lost a few pounds. This was not the goal- but definitely a welcome benefit (lol).

If you want to take the plunge, visit and read up on all the rules! It may seem impossible, but trust me, you HAVE done something harder. You got this!

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