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What Is This Blog About?

Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.

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Health Is Wealth, Right?

Charlotte has proven to care about health and fitness with its booming population of workout classes and wholesome food options. If you are interested in how to stay healthy and fit as a young professional or college student, this is the blog for you.

Check back here every week for a #healthyhighlight. What is a healthy highlight? I will be highlighting my top fitness and food picks in Charlotte. I will tell you everything you may need or want to know about my favorite ways to stay healthy in body and strong in spirit.

After reading all the benefits health and exercise can have on your body in this post, I hope you will want to explore all that Charlotte has to offer in these areas. From workout classes to juicing- Charlotte has it all. Check back next week for our first #healthyhighlight.

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We all know it is important to workout, but we don’t always understand why. Well, The New Medicine provides many reasons why moving your body every day is good for you.

1. Strengthens heart muscle.

2. Decreases the incidence of heart attack.

3. Reduces risks for heart disease

4. Improves circulation and oxygen/nutrient transport throughout the body.

5. Helps lose weight and keep it off.

6. Improves breathing efficiency.

7. Strengthens & tones muscles and improves appearance.

8. Helps prevent back problems and back pain.

9. Improves posture.

10. Strengthens bones and helps reduce risk of osteoporosis.


Similarly, we are always told to eat healthy. Women’s Health magazine provided its top reason to fuel your body with wholesome food.

1.It makes you happier

2.It improves brain function

3.It helps fuel exercise

4.You sleep better

5.It helps prevent breast cancer

6.Decreases stress

7.It fights inflammation

8.It boosts your immunity

9.It reduces risk of heart disease

10.It keeps your body strong

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