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Bang Bang Burgers

How to eat out on whole30? It does NOT have to be miserable.

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How to eat out

NEWSFLASH, people. It is possible (and can even be enjoyable) to eat out at restaurants while you’re on the whole30! And it does NOT involve any plain steamed chicken and broccoli. (Though you could do that, if you like boring food.)

I have eaten at a handful of Charlotte Restaurants and made them Whole30 approved.

The best being bang bang burgers. I got a grass-fed burger bowl. It was AMAZING. Like really darn good. Unfortunately they cook the fries in an unapproved oil, so that was a little disappointing. The burger bowl tasted great and allowed me to go to dinner with friends and still have a yummy meal.

So how do you eat out during whole30? ASK QUESTIONS!

Know that you’re going to have to be that guy/girl at the restaurant asking the waiter multiple questions about what your food is being cooked in, if any sugar was added, and (if necessary) telling them you can’t eat gluten/dairy/etc. They may or may not look at you like a crazy person.

And now for some tough love....... Stop RIGHT NOW feeling sorry for yourself that you can’t eat the bread or pasta at an italian restaurant, the corn tortilla chips and beans at a mexican restaurant, the slice of pie at your favorite pizza joint, etc. There’s a reason you started on this Whole30 journey in the first place: to feel BETTER. Think how much better you’ll feel after NOT indulging in bread, pizza, pasta, rice, beans, etc… and dessert? Trust me, it feels pretty dang great!

Try the diet at and let me know how you eat out on whole30 or how you keep it healthy in general :)

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