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AIR YOGA Charlotte

Yoga in the air? Don't knock it until you try it!

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Want to hang in the air?

Well... you can!!! We have an experience here in Charlotte that is unlike any other and has taken over the yoga world. The classes really started gaining traction in the form of yoga a few years back and began attracting newbies and devoted yogis alike. The gist: Hop into a silky sling-like hammock, which is draped from the ceiling and supports your full body weight. You'll maneuver the fabric so that you hold poses (like headstands) or perform tricks (swings, back-flips) inside it, or you'll use it as you would a TRX suspension trainer, to support your feet for exercises like push-ups or your palms for triceps dips.

This may sound incredibly advanced, but surprisingly it's simple! Trust me, I tried it. I am no yogi and can barely touch my toes. But this was really fun and would definitely be somewhere I go back to!

The best part? They have $5 classes. Yeah, I know you want to save money! But let's be real, you spend $5 on coffee everyday, I think you can fork up the cash to better your health! And it's fun, like really fun. Grab your girls and start hanging.

Start at beginner level and work your way up! Literally.. 50-minute beginner class introduces new clients to aerial exercises on hammocks; the class emphasizes basic alignment, foundation, and specific muscle action so that the body can learn how to balance on aerial hammocks. AIR® is an intense aerial fitness training program fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet and HIIT (high intensity interval training) on aerial hammocks. Regardless of its beginner pace, AIR® Foundation will deliver a challenging workout. No experience required.

You heard it straight from the source! Get your booty there now and thank me later ;)

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