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If you're a regular rail passenger, this list will infuriate you every time you travel.

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1. Talking on the phone in ANY carriage

Trigger Happy TV / Via

Haway, regardless whether you're in the quiet coach or not, ringing your bezzie to talk about some crappy reality TV show is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Don't do it, everyone listening to your conversation thinks you're a tool.

2. Taking up TWO seats

MakeAGif / Via

Here lad, do you really need a separate seat for your back pack when the coach is full? The look of fear when someone asks...although you'd probably not hear them over the phone call you're making...

3. Refusing to move for a seat reservation

Friends / Via

It's been a gripe ever since the creation of seat reservations and it will either go one of two ways. Either you'll get angry or the person in your seat will... FIGHT!

4. Arguing over a fare/not actually having a ticket / Via

For goodness sake- buy your ticket before you embark or be willing to pay the price. Don't argue, don't you think the ticket inspector has a bad enough day as it is?

5. Feet on the seats / Via

The last thing you want IF you eventually get a seat is to have to wipe it down after some silly sod has muddied it after resting their feet on it. Silly, silly, sods.

6. Heavy petting (snogging) / Via Family Guy

Honestly, we just don't need to see it. Okay, you're in love, fantastic stuff but maybe save it for behind closed doors? Let the poor lass come up for oxygen at the very least.

7. Messy eating or smelly food

It could be anything from a chili pasty to chocolate cake, if it stinks out the carriage please don't eat it and if you can't eat it like a respectable human being, then just don't.

8. Unwanted social interaction

Via Mr Bean

You're reading the same books as me? Wow, what do you want, a medal? You've come all the way from Birmingham? I don't care. PLEASE DON'T TALK TO ME!

9. Loud music

So you're listening to the latest tunes? Congratulations. Oh, no, wait you're making a statement to the whole carriage by letting us all know you're alternative and rocking away to some Swedish heavy metal band. Do one, you cretin.

10. Annoying kids

Father Ted / Via Youtube

This isn't about crying babies, that's acceptable; that's what they do. But when the kids running around and being general brats are above the age of eight - they're crossing the line. After a long day, you just want to tell them to feck off.

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