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Youtube Celebrity Will Norton Found Dead

After a long day of searching debris sites,Will Norton was found dead late last night. Norton was sucked out of the sunroof of his family's Hummer during the tornado in Joplin, Missouri last week. His family has been keeping up with a Facebook page with information on Will for his friends and fans. May you rest in peace, Will.

ahmbro 8 years ago

Sergio The Sexy Sax Man Will Serenade You

Sergio the Sexy Sex Man decided L.A. need to get sexier, and nothing says sexy like "Careless Whispers" by George Micheal and a mullet.

ahmbro 9 years ago

Disney Princesses Gone Bad

Artist Jeffrey Thomas takes our favorite Disney Princesses and gives them a sick, twisted spin.

ahmbro 9 years ago

NASA Finds New Life Form

Because California knows how to party.[ But on a serious note, biology as we know it has now changed.]

ahmbro 9 years ago

And The Winner Is...

This must be the biggest fail in the history of Aussie television. [Things get interesting at the 2:40 mark.]

ahmbro 9 years ago

What A Dick Head [NSFW]

This is what you get when you cross revenge with super glue and a dildo.

ahmbro 9 years ago

Dave's Awesome Video Resume

Video Resumes: If you must create one, don't be Dave!! [Ed. note: I think this was made a little too well. I totally want to watch Dave bubble to the top at my company.]

ahmbro 9 years ago

The Importance Of Being...

A parody based off the classic Importance of Being Earnest penned by the great Oscar Wilde. Boil a kettle of tea, curl up by the fire, and enjoy.

ahmbro 9 years ago