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Beauty Vlogger Fails That Will Make Your Mascara Run From Cry-Laughing

Warning: This content might be sensitive to those suffering from winged liner trauma.

1. This surprise makeover that will make you say "YAAAAAAAAAS!"

He'll be happier when he looks in the mirror and realizes he's a bad bish!

2. This lipstick layering fail that proves that some beauty challenges are better in concept than in practice.

That first layer was really cute though!

3. This grocery makeup lewk that will make you want to throw out your expensive high-end foundation (JK never).

PS — if this video made you wanna vom, you're not alone.

4. This failed attempt at creating a hot new 'do.

But that peekaboo pony is giving me avant-garde runway vibes!!!

5. This eyebrow tutorial that was almost satisfying, and then...

Wasting eyebrow gel should be a crime punishable by law!!!!

6. This accidental ponytail snatch that is literally unforgivable.

This is why people have trust issues.

7. This fan of Korean rap who is really letting her look reflect the music.


8. This winged liner flop that is actually way too relatable.

*blinks* *eyeliner smudges over entire body*

9. And this boyfriend-turned-MUA who will have you asking "WHY???" but also make you want some gummy bears.

*cries in Single AF*

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