Working At A Historic Site Or Museum

No, it is not just like National Treasure.

1. When you get a graduate degree in museum studies

2. When I get a tip for giving a tour

3. When someone throws out meaningful old diaries, letters, and artifacts cause they’re “old and gross”

4. When you know a board member is visiting the site and you’re not sure if it’s one of the crazy ones

5. When an amateur historian visitor thinks they know everything on a tour:

6. When you go into curatorial storage and the pure unadulterated history hits you in the face

7. When people compare your job to the film National Treasure

8. When your deposit doesn’t match up to the math you’ve done based on the daily reports

9. When someone tries to donate an artifact that has no business at your historic site

10. When the hot board member randomly shows up at the office

11. Whenever yet another committee is formed

12. when someone on the board suggests selling off artifacts to pay for a marketing director position

13. when volunteers think they know more than you

14. Coming home from professionals’ happy hour

15. When staff sit in on board or committee meetings who obviously have no experience with actually working at a museum

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