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How Trump's Withdrawal Threatens The Secretive Hunt For ISIS Members In Syria

The inability of US forces to eliminate al-Qaeda networks in Iraq helped it reorganize as ISIS after Barack Obama withdrew troops in 2011.

Mike Giglio • 6 months ago

Four Americans Died In An Attack In Syria, Raising More Questions About Trump's Withdrawal Plan

The American dead included two soldiers, a US security contractor, and a civilian Defense Department employee, according to US Central Command.

Mike Giglio • 6 months ago

Trump’s Surprise Withdrawal From Syria Betrays Allies and Bolsters Rivals

BuzzFeed News reveals that the US is preparing to shut down a key base near Syria’s border with Jordan that some US officials have cast as part of efforts to counter Iran.

Mike Giglio • 7 months ago

Trump's Decision To Withdraw Troops From Syria Has Allies There Wondering About Their Future

The decision was announced Wednesday with little preparation. Even in recent days, there had been no hints of a rapid end to the US presence there.

Mike Giglio • 7 months ago
Munzer al-Awad • 10 months ago

Syrians Who Return Home Are Finding A Ready Market For Selling Their German IDs

The availability of the documents, which can fetch hundreds of dollars on the black market, troubles some counterterrorism officials, but they are hesitant to make it an issue.

Mitch Prothero • One year ago

Trump Is Freezing Syrian Recovery Funds. The Pentagon Worries That Invites "ISIS 2.0."

“The fight against ISIS does not depend solely on military fighting."

Vera Bergengruen • One year ago

Syrians Are Worried Trump's Airstrikes May Actually Cause More Attacks On Civilians

In the aftermath of recent airstrikes, Syrians are left worried that their limited scope may actually provoke more attacks on civilians.

Munzer al-Awad • One year ago

Syrian Rebels Hope Strikes Aren’t Just For Show This Time

Embattled rebels say they are looking for a morale boost and a real change to the country’s drawn-out war.

Munzer al-Awad • One year ago

“If Any Iranian Militias Enter This Square, They Will Die”

The US says it's based near the Syrian city of al-Tanf to guard against ISIS. But the rebels Washington is backing in the area say they’re more concerned about Iran.

Borzou Daragahi • One year ago

This Is What It's Like To Try To Survive In Eastern Ghouta, Where "Death Is The Master"

As BuzzFeed News spoke to a resident on the phone, a missile screeched in the background. “Did you hear the sound?” he said. “May God protect whoever received the missile.”

Borzou Daragahi • One year ago

Here's What We Know About The US Airstrikes That Killed Russian Fighters In Syria

There was little doubt on Tuesday that American airstrikes last week killed Russian mercenaries in Syria.

Vera Bergengruen • One year ago

Syria’s Civil War Is Ending. But The War For Syria Is Just Beginning.

A few years ago, the West imagined the worst-case scenario in Syria as a victory for the Assad regime. That now seems quaint.

Borzou Daragahi • One year ago

The War In Syria Has Gotten More Unstable As Turkey Fights US Allies For Control

It's been slow going in the 11 days since Turkey launched what it calls "Operation Olive Branch" inside Syria. It could take many, many more, to the detriment of both its relations with the US and the lives of civilians.

Borzou Daragahi • One year ago

The Same Smuggling Routes That Helped Build ISIS Are Now Helping Its Members Escape

US officials say most of ISIS fighters have died on the battlefield. Smugglers along the Syria-Turkey border say many have escaped.

Mike Giglio • One year ago

Libya's Parliament Has Demanded Boris Johnson Apologise For His "Dead Bodies" Comments

The Libyan House of Representatives said the foreign secretary's comments about businesses moving into Libya amounted to a "violation of national sovereignty".

Jim Waterson • One year ago

A Syrian-American Journalist's Family Doesn't Think The US Will Act On Her Murder

Family members of Syrian-American journalist and activist Halla Barakat and her mother, Ouruba, tell BuzzFeed News they do not believe the US will investigate their deaths.

Mike Giglio • One year ago

ISIS Put Out An Audio Recording It Says Proves Baghdadi Is Totally Alive

The recording is the first alleged audio message from the reclusive ISIS leader since November 2016.

Hayes Brown • One year ago

Women Will Be Able To Drive In Saudi Arabia And Saudi Twitter Is On Fire Over It

The decision doesn't take effect until June 2018, but Saudi Twitter was immediately revved up.

Hayes Brown • One year ago

The Syrian Regime Threatened Two Women Before They Were Killed, Relatives Say

A prominent Syrian activist and her journalist daughter were found dead in their apartment in Turkey last week.

Munzer al-Awad • One year ago