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9 Must-Follow Australian Shepherd Instagram Accounts

Australian Shepherds are one of the lesser-known dog breeds, but also one of the best. Smart, athletic, and true velcro dogs, you can't find a better four-legged friend!

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1. Fanny

Fanny is a rescue pup with one eye and a knack for destruction. Her people post the funniest captions that go along perfectly with her crazy puppy personality and energy.

2. Tazz

Tazz is a stunning blue merle with heterochromia (two different colored eyes). His account features the best close-ups as well as the occasional appearance by his best cat-friend, Pippin.

3. Whiskey

Whiskey is the perfect example of an Aussie — handsome, athletic, and a sweetheart. His fur-parents are experts at catching him at his best.

4. BJ & Django

BJ and Django are two photogenic pups that live the life of cuddling, beach trips, and posing for pictures. What more could a dog want?

5. Orson

Orson is a true adventure pup — most times you will find him out hiking with his mom Alex. Aussies have a lot of energy to burn, and what better way to do so than hiking!

6. Billy

Billy is a stunning black tri from Sweden who spends his days training and adventuring in Sweden's beautiful scenery. He still has his tail (a common occurrence in Europe) and it is wonderful to see what beautiful place he will end up at next.

7. Boone

Boone is a true stunner with unique coloring who spends his off time herding sheep and playing frisbee. Although his color isn't standard, he represents the breed well!

8. Askel and Mischief

Askel and Mischief are two pups living in Finland whose lives are wonderfully captured by their person. Their account features stunning photography and cute dogs. What more could you ask for?

9. Kip

Kip is an adorable puppy growing into a wonderful adult. His mother is a photographer who always seems to catch his best side. The best has yet to come from this stunning dog.

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