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    The Mindy Project Takes On Straight White Male Privilege

    In this week's episode of The Mindy Project, our favorite OB-GYN takes on white male privilege in true Mindy fashion; with an alternate universe episode. After finding out she wasn't offered a second interview for a department head at her hospital, Mindy wishes she was a straight white male.

    The episode starts with her being interviewed by these two white men...

    Universal / Via Hulu

    They fumble with asking her about being a single mom, and if it would interfere with her work.

    They go on to ask her, "As a leader, do you have the ability to keep your emotions at bay and think logically under stressful situations?" YIKES!

    Universal / Via Hulu

    "Do you ask everyone that question?" Good for you, Mindy!

    So, in honor of Mindy's wish coming true, here are 10 things white men can do, according to The Mindy Project

    1. Hail cabs

    2. Direct Hollywood Movies

    Alexanderirl / Via

    3. Host late night talk shows


    ...and we have to pretend they're better at it than women and poc

    4. Write in the snow with their pee

    5. Know who Whit Stillman is


    I have seen zero of his movies

    6. Masturbate for 2 hours


    7. Get dressed in 3 minutes and still look great

    8. Get asked how their day is, are found charming, and command attention

    ABC / Via

    I am the woman in the pink, looking longingly

    9. Enjoy culture because all of it was designed to entertain and delight them


    10. Eat a whole rack of ribs and not gross people out

    ABC Studios / Via

    While this list was compiled of one-liners, the episode sheds light on the bias against women, especially women of color, in hiring practices. Probably the best bit comes in a monologue at the end:

    "There's a million great things about being a white guy, and that's just counting the things you can do with your penis. But the sad thing is having the ability to help other people, and most of the time, just not doing it. It's just so easy not to. Your life is so carefree you start wondering why other people just don't help themselves. Because you think life is just as easy for everyone else."

    *mic drop*

    Universal / Via
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