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Why Are The People Behind Rush Hour, Her, & The Biggest Movies Of The Last 20 Years In Love With This Santa Monica Video Store?

The movie industry is jumping in to keep this video store alive- but why?

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Mental Floss listed it among the "best" and "awesome" currently active video stores.

Opened in 1985, the store has been around for 31 years.

Recently, the store launched an IndieGoGo campaign. Which is totally normal, until...

screencap via Indiegogo / Via scroll through the contributor list, and discover some famous names quietly pitching in. From Rush Hour director Brett Ratner to indie darling Jay Duplass, to video tech company Zefr Inc. Sundance & Independent Spirit Awards staples Sean Baker (Tangerine), Kyle Patrick Alvarez (The Stanford Prison Experiment), and Ross Alex Perry (Joshy), can be spotted among the list of backers, too.

On Twitter, searching for the hashtag #vidiots, reveals even more deep rooted love:

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From Elijah Wood to Her studio Annapurna Pictures, notable folks from every realm of entertainment are banding together to support the store. (Annapurna, also seems to have a special history with it).

So what gives?

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Despite the seemingly endless convenience of streaming, there are still a lot of titles lacking. Everyone hates the feeling of settling in for a night of watching a holiday classic like Hocus Pocus or a hot new release, only to find that out of your various subscription accounts and streaming site passwords, none seem to carry the movie you want.

According to their campaign story, the store is looking to save some 50,000 titles in their library.

Video screencap from Indiegogo page / Via

They also boast themselves as the premiere destination for filmmakers looking to do research, or just plain find the obscure titles they can't find anywhere else. They're also looking to establish national programs like events around National Video Store Day, (which one can assume is similar to its record and comic book store counterparts), and film education programs for kids.

Is video the new vinyl?

...and are video stores about to have the same cult resurgence as record stores?

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