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    21 Things Every Rutgers Student Should Know

    It sucks not knowing what's going on at such a big school. Here is some stuff you should and shouldn't do when you get to campus.

    1. Do not, AND I REPEAT, do NOT wear heels to class or when going out. You will regret your decision.

    2. Try to run to your seat on the bus before the bus driver starts driving. You'll fly around in the bus if you don't make it to a seat. At the very least, hang onto a metal bar.

    3. Don't take more than 15-18 credits. You will cry.

    4. Always make a study buddy/study buddies in every class. They will save you when it comes to making study groups, getting notes, etc.

    5. Get your ass to class. You're paying for it. Your grades will be better too. I promise you.

    6. When it comes to having a class in Lucy Stone Hall or Tillet, go a day early to learn where your class is. Those buildings are really confusing and the numbering system makes no sense.

    7. Be careful when choosing your friends. Some people suck. This is the case for any stage of your life. Find friends who have your same values/priorities. Some people can literally suck out your happiness. Cut those people out. There are so many people at Rutgers. You can be picky with who you spend your time with, unlike in high school.

    8. Try to make a habit of not studying in your dorm room. If you stay in your room, you are bound to see your bed and nap or get super distracted. This photo is of Alexander Library on College Ave. It is my favorite library.

    9. Speaking of libraries, during finals week, try to get to a library in the morning or have a friend save you a spot. The libraries get super crowded during this time.

    10. Cook/Douglass is seen as the worst campus. It's personally my favorite because there's more space and it's close to College Ave without having to deal with the overpopulation of College Ave. Visit Cook/Douglass often for your own sanity.

    11. Try to room with chill people. Your roommate can make or break your housing experience.

    12. Try to make your dorm room as pretty as possible. Make it feel like your home away from home.

    13. Try to get into an apartment and off a meal plan ASAP and buy your own food. A meal plan is upwards of $2000. Save your money. Buy your own food.

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    14. Call your parents. They worry about you. They are also great at giving life advice.

    15. Try to get a part-time job while at Rutgers. It'll expand your skill set more than just attending your classes will.

    16. Make time to hit the gym. The endorphins are good for you.

    17. It's okay to not know your major freshman or even sophomore year. Take classes you are interested in and see what you find most promising to pursue as a career.

    18. Be careful about naps. Don't skip class because of napping. Keep your naps at 20-30 minutes. Anything more will make you feel groggy.

    19. Try to always keep your Friday night open for a night off. You deserve to enjoy yourself. This is an image of the Rutgers Student Center stop. Get off at this stop and either go to a party, go out to eat with friends, or whatever your heart desires.

    20. Register for classes ASAP. The good classes with the good professors go fast.

    21. Keep your dorm room door open. You'll make a ton of friends when people see how welcoming and awesome you are.