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"Timberlake Meets Bach" By Bence Peter, Guinness World Record Holder Pianist

Plot Twist! Timberlake’s singular sound mixed with RnB, Hip Hop plus J.S. Bach and 17th Century-style riffs in a fusion of fresh, pure sound and Classical throwback from composer-producer Bence Peter. Watch this exclusive Video Trailer for the full version, that comes out on April 14th. Featuring Bence Peter, Guinness certified "Fastest Piano Player" and Dancers of Stereo Street, Hungary.

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Timberlake Meets Bach [Official Video Trailer] Coming on April 14th

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Via Facebook: BencePeterMusic

Official Video Trailer for Timberlake Meets Bach. Full Version will be coming on April 14th, 2014.

Presented by Bence Peter & Stereo Street Dancers.

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