Jake Evans, 911 Call Explaining Why He Killed His Mother And Sister!!! [October 6th 2012]

A Texas teenager allegedly shot his mother and younger sister dead before calling 911 to recount the murders. Speaking in a soft, calm voice Jake Evans, 17, told the 911 operator he had been "kind of planning on killing for while now", Fox News reports. He said he had used a .22 revolver to kill his 15-year-old sister and 48-year-old mother in their Parker County home early Friday morning. When asked why he had allegedly committed the murders, Evans said he did not know. "I don't know. I wasn't -- it's weird -- I wasn't even really angry with them. It just kind of happened. I've been kind of planning on killing for a while now," he said. "The two of them, or just anybody?" the female operator said. "Pretty much anybody," Evans said. "I don't know. I don't really like people's attitude. They kind of, they're very, like, you know ... rude to each other and stuff like that." Evans, who described himself as being "evil", went on to recount in chilling detail how he allegedly committed the murders. "This is really going to mess me up, you know, in the future ... I told my sister that my mom needed her. She was in her room and she came out of her room, and I shot her," Evans said. "She rolled down the stairs. And I shot her again. And then I went down and I shot my mom about, maybe, three or four times." Police say Evans got the gun from his grandfather, a former police officer. Evans was arrested without incident at the home and is facing charges of capital murder, meaning the teen could face the death penalty. October 06, 2012: Audio has been released of Texas 17-year-old Jake Evans explaining why he shot his mother and younger sister in cold blood. Jake Evans, 17, is charged with murdering his sister and his mother, Jami Evans, a former elementary school teacher, Thursday morning, a crime he coldly confessed to a 911 operator.

mullahgwop • 5 years ago