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Fifteen Things Every Server Has Dealt With. Servers Be Like...

Some these happen more than you would like, the struggle is too real.

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1. Opened 20 minutes ago and still no guests have come in -

Manager: if you have time to lean you have time to clean Me: send me home, how bout dah

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2. So much to do, so little time and so many needy guest -

Manager during the rush: how are you? Me: I'm great, thanks Also me:

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3. Restaurant on a 20-minute wait you need a breather and your table just got up -

*when u purposely don't bus your tables so you don't get sat* You can't get sat if you don't have clean tables…

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4. First table on your shift and it’s 10 minutes till shift change -

Waiting for my table to leave like...

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5. Tables cleaned, side work finished and drinking destination already picked -

When you close in 5 minutes and see a table of 10 walking in..

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6. Sexiest words spoken to a sever of a large party -

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7. Table placed order 20 minutes ago and you are just sending it in -

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8. Table sends you away multiple times because they aren’t ready -

I manage my time when it comes to taking orders, if you take forever, you're going to the bottom of the list

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9. Can remember a large party’s order with all major alterations no problem, but the one table who notices that you’re doing it by memory -

It happens to all of us! @KevinHart4real

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10. To many your server brain can’t comprehend certain eating restrictions -

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11. A perk of being a server there is always another restaurant hiring -

When your table is being rude AF and they have no idea that you have two jobs and can afford to lose one

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12. Gas tank on empty and phone only works when connected to Wi-Fi -

When the manager starts sending people home but you need to stay because you're broke

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13. One of the reasons your broke server friend never has any cash -

Tag that one server that always does this

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14. When all your friends are in the service industry-

When you finally get a Saturday night off

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15. Party of 2 with a side of 3 different dressings, extra ice, ketchup, bowl of sliced lemons, hot sushi towels to wash hands at table, directions to trendiest bar, list of great dessert places in the area -

When you've worked your ass off for your table and they tip you $1

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