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    26 Women's Day Gifts For All The Wonderful Goddesses In Your Life

    Here's to celebrating women and their strength.

    1. Sumptuous coffee soap bars that come in latte, cappuccino, and espresso variants to smell delicious all day long! The soap bars deeply cleanse, moisturise, and polish your skin - ₹765 for three soap bars

    Soap bars in the shape of coffee beans

    2. A live Sansevieria plant so they can start their plant parent journey without any casualties. It's super easy to grow, nearly indestructible, and purifies the air. Also, look how cute the pot is! - ₹499

    The plant kept in a pot designed to look like a thinking girl

    3. This fruity and floral perfume from Miniso with a lovely fragrance that'll definitely be hard to ignore (in a good way, obvz). It's fresh, fun, lon-lasting, and easy on the wallet - ₹460

    Melbourne Pink Lake by Miniso.

    4. This delightful mug that comes with a literal crown so they get a little pep talk with their daily cuppa - ₹684

    A white mug with the words "Queen of Everything" in golden. It has a golden crown around its rim.

    5. A hot air brush so they can achieve the perfect look each day. It helps combat frizz and enhances shine - ₹799

    6. All voracious readers will love this book set that contains the brilliant works of everyone's favourite author, Jane Austen - ₹519

    The book set pictured with a parchment, cup of coffee, bread rolls, grapes, and blueberries.

    7. Get 'em these super cool magnetic bookmarks while you're at it! - ₹179

    8. Or just get them a Kindle Paperwhite which can store thousands of books, and will give them instant access to the latest releases - ₹12,999

    9. If they're a water baby, get this alluring sea breeze scented candle that will transport them right to sultry shores and coconut trees - ₹525

    10. This cushion cover that will remind them of how amazing they are each time they look at it - ₹299

    A white cushion cover with the words, "You're capable of amazing things." in black and gold.

    11. A marvelous rose essential box from Kama Ayurveda if they love posh gifts! The box has a rose-jasmine facial cleanser, rose lip balm made from organic beeswax, rose-jasmine body oil, rose-cinnamon-orange soap made from organic coconut oil, and a spray bottle of pure rosewater - ₹2,560

    12. This mindfulness colouring book so they can de-stress in the best way possible! It's a very calming and peaceful activity - ₹318

    13. Unicorn slippers that are both MAX fluffy and adorbs, and will keep their feet so comfy - ₹999

    14. Deliciously sinful hazelnut coffee that will be the perfect companion for long books and romantic films - ₹279

    Two cups of coffee pictured with a book.

    15. The supremely efficient Mi Smart Band 5 that boasts of a battery life of 14 days, 5 ATM water resistance and magnetic charging. It shows you phone notifications, gives you control over music, and monitors fitness-related activities, sleep, stress, and health - ₹2,499

    The watch, and a person wearing the watch while they are asleep.

    16. This bewitching floral tote bag that'll complete your OOTD and is spacious enough for your laptop, work essentials, books, grocery, clothes! It's sturdy, durable, and easy to wash - ₹499

    A black tote bag with a floral design and the definition of 'cynefin' written on it.

    17. This really pretty necklace to show the world what a true warrior they are, and to look good while doing so - ₹300

    A black and white photo of a woman wearing the necklace. The rectangular locket has "Proud Feminist" written on it.

    18. A Bath and Body Works candle that has the heady combo of rose and vanilla. It has 3 wicks to spread the aroma in a mere 15 minutes and will make their home smell irresistibly good - ₹2,249

    19. Airdopes by boAt for all those moms who start yelling into the phone speaker because they can't hear anything - ₹1,999

    Blue and black Airdopes.

    20. A fail-safe gifting option is this handbag from Caprese. It looks great, has lots of space for all your essentials, and also has a detachable sling handle - ₹1,538

    A white satchel-style handbag with patterned pink handles

    21. A premium green tea detox kit from mCaffeine which is superb for your skin! It contains a face wash, face scrub, night gel, serum, and a fluffy face towel - ₹1,635

    22. An exquisite wristwatch and bracelet set that's just the right amount of flair. The peach and rose gold tones are simply perfect for summer - ₹2,295

    23. This lovely floral tray that can be used for holding trinkets, candles, stationery, or even for serving food and drinks! - ₹999

    A circular wooden tray with a white and blue floral design.

    24. This drop dead gorgeous Sugar matte crayon lipstick in the shade Scarlett O'Hara that can be seamlessly worn from day to night. And, it has over nine hundred 4-star ratings - ₹799

    A Model wearing the lipstick. She's holding up the lipstick below her lip.

    25. A sparkly and glittery clutch to shine like the true superstar they are - ₹399

    A glittery peach and gold clutch

    26. And, this dainty sunflower necklace to make their days a whole lot sunnier and brighter! - ₹2,405

    A person wearing the necklace. It has a rose gold chain and a sunflower locket.