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    16 Wacky Items On Amazon That You'll Love

    Curiouser and curiouser...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This baguette-shaped wrist-rest to display your love for bread and be comfortable in quite a quirky way - ₹2,017

    The wrist-rest is ergonomically designed and contains memory foam which will improve your wrist posture and help prevent cramps and pain. Plus, it's weird and fun!

    2. This subtle magnetic lamp which lights up when the magnets are aligned properly - ₹3,999,

    The lamp is powered by a USB cord, and lights up when the magnets are aligned. It's perfect as a night lamp or even for your work desk!

    Containing 48 LEDs, the lamp gives out a warm light, creating a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Your space needs this.

    3. A journal for, as the title suggests, misfits, oddballs and anyone else who's uniquely awesome - ₹666

    This book is full of fun activities that will help you connect with your inner goofball - it's all about individuality and celebrating yourself! Go for it!

    4. A reversible sequined hood to add some extra glam and sass to your look - ₹2,216

    The hood is greattt for music festivals, parties, dance nights, Halloween - it's gorgeous, and you can wear it without the fuss of a jacket.

    5. A pair of slippers that makes cleaning so damn easy - ₹179

    You can wear these "mop" slippers on your bare feet, but they're stretchable enough to fit on your footwear too! Cleaning won't be a dreadful task anymore, and these slippers are easy to wash themselves.

    6. If you're into the whole L.A. and healthy eating lifestyle (and if you find avocado toast delicious), you'll fall in love with this avocado pillow, which is SO soft and plush - ₹455

    Don't worry about this adorable avocado browning up!

    7. And if you have an enormous sweet tooth, this donut-shaped pillow is something you need to own - ₹961

    It's fun, realistic, and so CUTE! Get the pillow here.

    [Available in other colour variants]

    8. Stop pulling your cold hands out of your warm covers with this fleece blanket that has frickin' sleeves - ₹3,541

    This blanket is a bonafide saviour when you need to snuggle AND snack, read or change the channel. Be as snug as a bug in this blanket. I mean, can't you feel the softness from the screen!?

    9. An utterly realistic whitebait-shaped pouch that'll make people come over for a second look - ₹369

    Get it here!

    10. A really cool 2-in-1 oil and vinegar dispenser (530ml) - ₹349

    The dispenser is very handy and also serves as an elegant decor piece (your guests won't stop asking about it). The angle of liquid flow ensures that there is no dripping, thereby preventing any greasiness and spills. Also, the corks are an amazing addition - they preserve freshness and flavour!

    11. Bring in some spooky feelz with these ghost-shaped salt and pepper shakers which are totes adorbs - ₹594

    These ceramic shakers are easy to use - they're colour coded (black for pepper, white for salt) - and easy to refill too! They'll certainly be the first thing a guest asks about!

    12. Edible golden and silver glitter to make your food so much more opulent and posh - ₹85/₹360,

    Get the golden glitter here.

    Get the silver glitter here.

    13. A book full of yummy cocktail recipes, whose title is a fun pun on one of the world's most beloved books - ₹750

    This is the literally the book of dreams for people who like their things "with a twist". It has 65 cocktail recipes, recipes for bar snacks, commentary on some of the best-loved novels, DRINKING GAMES, and a ton of whimsy illustrations.

    The book is a quirky kitchen accessory and will be an awesome gift option too, especially for literature nerds.

    14. This absurd egg white and yolk separator, that's a reallyyy interesting, if not amusing AND a useful addition to your kitchen - ₹2,146

    I know, I know, but guys, the separator does the job.

    15. A pot of bum cream to treat your booty to some skincare and moisturising - ₹440

    Keep your posterior happy and healthy with this lightweight cream containing honey, yogurt, coffee, and orange extract.

    16. And a frog sleeping mask which is actually both comfortable to use and hilarious - ₹299

    The mask will definitely freak people out, but it's very congenial if you're accustomed to sleeping masks and is efficient while you're travelling as well! It has a rich velvet inner lining which will give your eyes the rest they need.