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    16 Stunning Decor Items Under ₹1700 For A Stylish Space

    Abstract mirrors, tungsten-filament lamps, hairpin tables and so much more!

    1. Glam up your house with these tungsten-filament antique lamps! They'll give your space a stylish rustic vibe - ₹575 for a set of 4

    The tungsten lamps hanging from the ceiling and two people in the backdrop.

    2. This gorgeous and elegant wall clock that will soon become the statement piece of whichever room you put it up in - ₹999

    A brown MDF wall clock with Roman numerals.

    3. Use abstract mirrors will make your room seem larger and brighter. Make sure you place them adjacent to a window so they capture and reflect the maximum amount of light - ₹1,399

    4. Amp up the style factor of your space with some texture! You can do so with this earthy handwoven jute rug - ₹1,149

    A rectangular jute rug placed on a hardwood floor.

    5. Or this vintage-style carpet to bring in a pop of colour and vitality. It's great for both casual and formal decor - ₹1,355

    A multi-coloured carpet in shades of cream, blue, red, and yellow.

    6. Add a touch of sophistication and drama with these gorgeous hanging pendant lights. They create a focused source of light to create an intimate and comfy atmosphere - ₹899

    7. Introduce elegance to the room with sheer curtains that filter in the perfect amount of natural light! You can also layer them with opaque curtains so you have the best of both worlds with the extra refinement - ₹698

    8. This minimal clothes rack to make your room look like an influencer's! It'll do the job of making your space look more refined and put together - ₹1,599

    The rack being used to hang clothes, store shoes and a laundry basket.

    9. This geometric lamp that legit looks like a piece of art and will give your house a contemporary feel - ₹1,525

    A white lamp with black stripes and red text on it.

    10. This striking hairpin table to bring in eclectic and boho-chic vibes - ₹999

    A white and golden hairpin table with a plant kept on it.

    11. This striking aqua trunk that can be used as a decorative piece and for storage - ₹1,699

    An opened aqua-coloured trunk with a scarf placed inside it.

    12. These agate coasters that look so damn stunning and will protect tables from the wrath of condensation (Set of 4) - ₹1,199

    Blue-gold agate coasters and a mug kept on one of them.

    13. These interlocking deck tiles that are super easy to install and will make your balcony look wayyyy trendier. They are made from solid teak wood and are weather resistant, non-slip, and waterproof (Pack of 1) - ₹519

    14. Create a restrained nostalgic corner with these monochrome frames for your favourite photographs - ₹1,229

    Black and white photo frames hung up on a white wall.

    15. If you're looking for a peppy addition to your room, get these abstract ethnic frames (Set of 3) - ₹1,299

    Pink and purple square frames with elephant designs on them.

    16. Accentuate any nook with these fabulous and minimalist handcrafted candle holders - ₹899

    Two tripod candle holders with candles placed on them.