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    22 Heavily Discounted Products To Spruce Your Home Up For The Festive Season

    Colourful lanterns, silk cushions, gem-filled coasters, and more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. First things first. You can NEVER go wrong with fairy lights! They're a sure-shot way to make your room look fresh and comfy - ₹225 (MRP: ₹499)

    Fairly lights draped on a wine bottle, plants, decorative ladder, and mirror.

    2. An adorable chhotu uruli that will look even more amazing with some floating petals and candles - ₹599

    Rose petals and a tealight candle floating in the uruli.

    3. Add a dash of fun to your house with these cute as hell blue and yellow lanterns, which also function as candle holders! - ₹375 (MRP: ₹899)

    4. Hang lamps, lanterns, bird feeders, and plants on this metal wall bracket that will bring in some old-world charm - ₹221 (MRP: ₹599)

    5. A handcrafted mosaic lamp that looks equally great with or without the light - ₹499 (MRP: ₹960)

    A mosaic lamp in shades of blue and white.

    6. A miniature fountain with inbuilt LED lights so you can enjoy all the zen in the world - ₹3,149 (MRP: ₹7,399)

    7. Organise all your other belonging in these cloth storage bins that will look great as a part of the decor. You get three different sizes, and they're great for books, grooming products, stationery - ₹997 (MRP: ₹1,599)

    8. This multipurpose standing lamp that will create the illusion of a heightened space to make your nook seem larger. It will also balance out the brightness of other lights in the room - ₹3,250 (MRP: ₹8,990)

    9. These silk cushion covers to bring all the fancy festive vibes (Pack of 5) - ₹399 (MRP: ₹1,299)

    10. Amp up your Diwali parties with this gorgeous dispenser that is perfect for cocktails, mocktails, juices, beer, water, and other drinks. It comes with a metal stand and a chalkboard, so scribble the name of the drink you're serving on it - ₹1,769 (MRP: ₹2,200)

    The dispenser serving iced tea.

    11. These bestselling metal hanging lights to make your nook contemporary and bold - ₹849 (MRP: ₹2,000)

    12. Bring in a brilliant pop of colour with these aesthetic rattan flower baskets. They look good hanging in your balconies and even on side tables! The colours are pretty, and the size of the pot is HUGE so you can plant "spilling" plants (money plants, or any other creeper or vine) easily. Or you can take the simplest route and plant a no-fuss succulent - ₹448 (MRP: ₹999)

    13. These yellow and teal cushions that'll look superb on your couch, bed, window seat or even a simple pouffe - ₹332 (MRP: ₹999)

    The cushions kept on a throw blanket, which is placed on a white sofa.

    14. A table runner crafted out of some incredible magenta Benarasi brocade cloth - ₹628 (MRP: ₹1,795)

    15. Crank up your style to full desi with this clock that has an elaborate papier-mâché border. It boasts of features like easy installation, silent movement, familiar sounds of quarter-hour and hourly clock chimes, and precise quartz movement.- ₹622 (MRP: ₹1,899)

    A flowerl shaped candle with an inlaid intricate design in red, orange, gold, green, and blue.

    16. Or if you prefer something a little more subtle, this Warli teak wood clock will do the trick - ₹2,229 (MRP: ₹2,749)

    A square wooden clock with Warli paintings and small golden bells.

    17. These stunning gem-filled coasters that are handmade and will look just so damn good on your coffee or dining table - ₹349 (MRP: ₹499)

    A set of square coasters filled with purple, tea;, yellow, and red gems.

    18. Something that will go amazingly well with the coasters is this painstakingly hand-painted tea kettle. It's made out of aluminium, and can hold up to 1 litre - ₹890 (MRP: ₹2,197)

    An aluminium kettle painted with an intricate design in shades of red, yellow, green, and royal blue.

    19. Speaking of the Warli style of painting, get these blue terracota miniature pots painted with minimalist Warli designs - ₹749 (MRP: ₹999)

    20. Get these metal wall scones to hold diyas, candles and tea lights - ₹499 (MRP: ₹799)

    2 pear-shaped wall sconces with tealights in them.

    21. Or these wall sconces that will make your house so much more elegant! They'll be your next statement piece even without the candles - ₹699

    Brown wall sconces shaped like vines of flowers and leaves

    22. Finally, sort your Diwali cleaning out and stop fretting over dragging a broom or a vacuum cleaner all over your apartment and under the hard-to-get places with this super cool robotic vacuum cleaner. It cleans the apartment on its own, and you can control the features on the vacuum's app. It also supports Alexa and Google Home devices! - ₹12,600 (MRP: ₹27,900)

    The device cleaning a mat and the floor.