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    24 Products You Never Knew You Needed

    Dish the money, bish.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Fairy lights with an in-built Bluetooth speaker for you to play some tunes and enjoy the ambiance - ₹999

    These lights will be the best part of the decor for your next party/function/event.

    2. With everything that's happening in the country these days, it's not a dumb idea to put your money into an air purifier. Get this sleek WiFi enabled Dyson air purifier for ₹22,900.

    The purifier automatically monitors the air and starts purifying it, simple as that. It's oscillating motion ensures that it covers every part of the room. A must-buy!

    3. Don't let hard water ruin your hair, skin, and bathroom fittings with this effective filter (works both on shower heads and taps) which tackles hard water damage - ₹1,699

    The filter contains KDF, calcium sulphite, active carbon, and Vitamin C which reduce harm caused by chlorine, hard salts, and organic matter.

    4. Protect your privacy with these webcam covers (Pack of 3) - ₹449

    These are compatible laptops, PCs, and phones - avoid any online hacking and spying.

    5. Up your selfie game with a ring light. Partying in a pub and want to take a selfie? Ring light. Walking on the street at night and have a sudden urge to click a selfie? Ring light. Just wanna take a selfie with your skin looking good? RING LIGHT. - ₹299

    The ring light is very convenient and easy to use, just clip it on to your device and you're good to go!

    6. Invest in an air freshener to make your space smell gorgeous- ₹522

    Pack Contents - Air freshner gadget, batteries, and refill spray. Spray it whenever you want a revitalise the room.

    7. If you like a bit of flair, get this aromatherapy humidifier - ₹619

    Just put in your favourite essential oil and notice an instant change in your surroundings. It's compact, handy, and functions as a soft lamp too!

    8. A handheld vacuum cleaner which has dual suction and blowing functions to clean even the trickiest nooks and spaces - ₹1,799

    Get it here!

    9. Give your clothes a fresh new look with this lint remover - ₹499

    The remover is super easy to use and removes lint without damaging your clothes.

    10. A clothes folder board to finally get the task of organising your clothes underway - ₹699

    The board is practical, efficient, and gets your work done in no time!

    11. Some double-sided fashion tape to avoid any mishaps and malfunctions (Pack of 50) - ₹1,626

    Just stick a strip on any problematic areas (deep backs, plunging necklines, wonky belts, sleeves which slide off easily) and wear your outfit without a worry in the world!

    12. A hairbrush to gently de-tangle your hair when it's wet or dry - ₹249

    The brush works on every hair type without resulting in breakage and split ends, and it even increases the volume of your hair. Plus, it looks pretty.

    13. If you wanna avoid using single-use plastic, replace your shampoo bottles with this amazing shampoo bar infused with 100% virgin coconut oil - ₹321

    The bar is paraben and sulfate free and nourishes your hair (it won't dry your hair and scalp out). Also, it lathers quite well and will last you for about a whole year! The packaging is great too!

    14. Stop buying makeup removing products and get this makeup erasing towel instead, you just need water to clean up your face - ₹1,200

    The price is a bit steep, I agree, but it's great in the long-term because you don't need to spend on makeup-removing products anymore! The towel is very effective and is easy to clean as well.

    15. A stunning holographic highlighter pallet to add some pizzazz to your look - ₹2,249

    The texture and pigmentation is great, and you can use the shades as eye shadow too!

    16. Tired of spending hours getting the perfect winged eyeliner on BOTH eyes? Get this eyeliner that comes with a stamp to speed up the process - ₹142

    The eyeliner is long-lasting and the stamp, gosh, is a GODSEND.

    17. A silicon toe sleeve to protect your feet from painful shoes and heels - ₹95

    You won't have to think twice before donning those killer (literally) heels now, with these comfy and breathable sleeves.

    18. A clip-on lamp to so you can read late into the night without disturbing anyone - ₹899

    You can use it as a reading lamp, make-up lamp, or even a unique decor piece.

    [Available in black and white variants]

    19. A wireless charging pad for iOS and Android phones - ₹1,499

    The charging pad has three modes according to your need - 5W, 7.5W, and 10W. It automatically selects the mode after detecting your device, and goes to sleep when your phone's charged completely. Sweet.

    20. A set of three self-watering pots for your plants, so you don't have to fret about them withering anymore - ₹659

    All you have do is fill it with water once in 5-7 days, and the attached thread does the rest of the work. Kudos on being a successful plant mom!

    21. A notebook water bottle which fits everywhere so you don't have to worry about your bag being too bulky or bulging - ₹167

    The bottle is durable, saves up your space, and looks so cute!

    Size: A5, 400 ml

    22. Make adorable and fun pancakes/fried eggs/omelettes with these pans which comes in five different shapes - ₹349

    You can also make English muffins, crumpets, patties, and poached eggs - get creative!

    23. This unique chopping tool for when you want to chop your veggies, fruits, herbs, or cheese on the go - ₹219

    The tool is *great* for instantly chopping up ingredients for salads, soups, curries - without using too many utensils.

    24. And track all your adventures with this map by scratching off the places you've visited - ₹679

    Keep your memories, and walls, alive with this amazing map.

    Size: 82.5 cms x 59.5 cms

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