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    18 Products That Can Help You Save The Earth

    With the effects of climate change increasing and becoming more grave, it's pertinent that we do our bit to help our planet recover and rehabilitate.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Pencils, containing assorted seeds, made from recycled paper - ₹259

    These amazing pencils are made from recycled paper and they contain seeds (tomato, chilli, morning glory, fenugreek, tulsi, and marigold) too! When you're done using the pencil, just plant the capsule at the end and voila - you've lessened your carbon footprint.

    Plus, they're made by local women artisans and thereby generate female employment.

    2. Jute Folders (Set of 3) - ₹399

    Stop using plastic folders (or anything plastic for that matter) – they can take more than 500 years to decompose.

    Instead, use these folders made from jute to store your papers and documents. They are eco-friendly and can store up to 50 sheets at once!

    3. Get this reusable cotton grocery bag with compartments - ₹269

    This bag is extremely efficient for when you shop for products of multiple varieties, especially fruits and veggies. The compartments make the job so much easier! It's pretty strong as well.

    4. Canvas Tote Bags (Set of 4) - ₹345

    Replace plastic by getting these lovely canvas tote bags for all your shopping needs.

    5. Or, if your prefer something a bit more colourful, get this huge sturdy canvas bag for ₹489.

    This bag can easily carry an entire load of your groceries at the same time, and don't worry, the stitch quality is great and the handles are strong.

    6. Menstrual Cups (available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes) - ₹199

    Ladies, it's time to switch to menstrual cups - they're comfortable, prevent rashes and stains, and get you through the day without having to change. Also, they're good for the environment! A single menstrual cup lasts 10-15 years, whereas normal sanitary pads create a lot of waste and take loads of time to decompose.

    So, save the environment and your money!

    7. If you are hesitant to switch, use these biodegradable sanitary pads. Get a pack of 10 pads for ₹249.

    These sanitary pads are completely organic (cotton, bamboo) and therefore, are extremely safe for the environment and prevent infection/rashes.

    The pack also includes individual disposable bags.

    8. This sleek insulated bottle (450ml) - ₹425

    Buy this chic insulated stainless steel bottle which keeps water and beverages cold/hot - it is compact, easy to carry, and leak-proof. Also, hydration!

    9. Alternatively, you could get a retractable bottle for ₹699.

    This silicone bottle is collapsible and fits almost everywhere - pockets, purses, backpacks and is very easy to carry! Carry this bottle, and stop buying single-use plastic beverage bottles.

    10. A coffee/tea holder (350ml) - ₹688

    All coffee and tea lovers, please stand up! The holder is made from bamboo fibre and is reusable. It also has a heat-resistant sleeve, and a spill-free lid. Ditch plastic and styrofoam cups for this super-cute environmentally-sustainable holder!

    11. Reusable muslin teabags (30 pouches) - ₹479

    Made with unbleached cotton, these teabags are amazing for brewing loose-leaf teas and herbal infusions. They are lightweight, washable, inexpensive and, not to mention, amazing for our planet.

    12. Vegetable Storage Bags (Set of 10) - ₹685

    You can carry these with you while grocery-shopping, and also use them to store veggies in the fridge. The bags are washable, non-toxic, and made with a delicate cotton material. As a bonus, the logos on the bags are amazing too!

    13. Get these fab ombre metal straws (5-pieces) for ₹249!

    Just look at these gorgeous metal straws!

    14. Or this collapsible metal straw, for a more compact and travel-friendly option - ₹499

    Durable, environmentally viable, and fits in your palm.

    15. A cutlery set which comes in a jute pouch - ₹299

    The set contains a stainless steel spoon, fork, straw, and a straw cleaner... AND it comes in a handsome jute pouch. SO COOL! Take this along everywhere you go, and reduce your disposable cutlery use!

    16. Biodegradable garbage bags (90-pieces) - ₹275

    Restrict your use of plastic garbage bags ASAP, and start using these ecologically friendly garbage bags which decompose within 20 days of exposure to sunlight.

    17. Bamboo toothbrushes (Pack of 4) - ₹289

    These lovely toothbrushes are biodegradable and more comfortable to use than regular plastic toothbrushes because of softer bristles.

    18. And this charcoal dehumidifer (250 gms) - ₹519

    Get rid of pollution generating room-freshener sprays and air purifiers!

    This dehumidifer is chock-full of activated charcoal which helps maintain a dry, odour-free living space, and keeps pollutants, bacteria, mould, mildew, allergens at bay. The polyurethane filters are powerful enough to hold heavy particles like smoke, airborne particles etc.

    Just place the bag in sunlight once a month for it to recharge, it has a shelf-life of two years.