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    21 Products You'll Love If You're Just That EXTRA

    Ownin' it and how.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mermaid-scale inspired bomber jacket chock full of sequins so you literally ~shine~ - ₹1,439 - ₹2,706

    Fit Style: Regular

    Sizes Available: Small to Large

    The jacket is also available in Rose Gold and Silver.

    2. This shell choker and necklace that's so in trend RN - ₹599

    You gonna get hella compliments, gurl!

    3. Give your nails a dazzling makeover with this holographic nail polish - ₹339

    The nail polish is an awesome buy - it doesn't chip, fade, and lasts long. And ya, it makes you look ultra glam.

    4. This HUUUUGE nail art kit for some gorgeous nails - ₹1,499

    Kit Contents: 48 3D nail art bottles, 15 nail art brushes, 5 nail dotting tools, 5 jumbo nail stamping image plates, a silicone stamper with scraper, and nail art palette.

    5. Get this humidifier for a super calm and zen atmosphere - ₹3,499

    Product Features:

    - Remote controlled

    - Multi LED colour control (you can use it as a lamp too!)

    - Controlled humidity helps you breathe easier, relieves cough, reduces sinus congestion, and creates a relaxing atmosphere

    - Runs whisper quiet

    6. Falsies in the variants "Glam", "Volume", and "Sexy" to give your eyes a flair of drama - ₹259

    Get a bolder look with these lashes that are SO EASY to apply and have almost no weight at all.

    7. These unicorn slippers that are both MAX fluffy and cute - ₹999

    You can get these slippers in sizes 4-10, and also in the colour pink!

    8. A hot pink neon light that will look amazing on your nightstand, instead of the regular boring lamps - ₹635

    The lamp has attached hooks so you can hang it up on your wall too! You can also get it in multicolour and white variants.

    9. A fanny pack in holographic colours. Can there be anything more ~in~ at the moment - ₹2,969

    Get it here.

    10. A jade roller to give your face some rejuvenating spa treatment feelz - ₹790

    Jade rollers are believed to increase circulation, relax your facial muscles, reduce puffiness, and draw out toxins. So, what are you waiting for?

    11. Show off your artistic skills with some glam body glitter which you can use on your body, skin, hair, and nails - ₹1,324

    Let's get real wild, shall we? 😏

    12. A pair of blingy hair barrettes to remind everyone of who you really are - ₹229

    You can also get these barrettes in 17 other styles.

    13. If your prefer something more subtle, these safety pin hair clips will do the trick (Set of 2) - ₹350

    Get them here.

    14. Butterfly pea flower tea which has a beautiful rich blue colour, and turns purple after you add a few drops of lemon juice - ₹375

    This electric blue tea has so many benefits! It nourishes your hair and is full of antioxidants which keep you skin healthy. It also calms you down and reduces stress. The best part? You can have it either hot or iced.

    15. A crystal-infused candle with a lovely fragrance that will legit help you unwind - ₹499

    Fragrance: Tuberose | Burn Time: Up to 32 hours

    Get the candle here!

    16. Amp up your style with these sequined cloth patches for your jeans, skirts, jackets, bags, cushions... you can find hella uses for them (Pack of 12) - ₹368

    You really can't go wrong with these.

    17. Talking about sequins, reversible diaries have been in trend for quite a while now! Get this brilliant blue/silver one for ₹250.

    Size: A6

    You can also get the diary in red, purple, gold, and rainbow.

    18. Make your ripped jeans look even more chic with these fishnet stockings - ₹299

    Material: Nylon-Cotton blend | Free Size | Holds up well

    19. This elegant floral scarf that will look so pretty as a neck-piece, and even around your handbag's straps - ₹570

    The scarf is made out of georgette, and comes in an entire range of colours - take your pick!

    20. A set of 10 boho rings that you can mix-n-match or even wear together, depending on your mood - ₹195

    Get the set here!

    21. And if you're looking for some experimentation, why not try out this octopus ring - ₹1,733

    Get it here.