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    30 Products To Finally Get Rid Of All That Pent Up Stress

    Life does get frickin-frackin ridiculous at times.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Himalayan salt lamp which is great for creating a peaceful atmosphere, and also looks amazing as a decor piece - ₹1,199

    Other benefits of the lamp include air purification and absorbing excess humidity.

    2. A poop emoji pillow that is the apt symbol for how life is RN, but you can always cuddle and squeeze the hell out of it - ₹299

    The cushion's non-toxic, washable and SO.DAMN.CUDDLY.

    3. Unwind with this candle that has a delicious aroma of red berries, and is labeled "Self-Love" - ₹499

    The candle is vegan, hand-poured and has a burn time of up to 32 hours! It smells awesome, and even contains a rose quartz crystal for a posh feel.

    4. Or this motivating bracelet that will keep #SelfLove alive at all times - ₹259

    It's chic, it's minimal, and it's made out of stainless steel - won't harm your skin and the colour won't fade.

    5. Use some refreshing wet wipes to clean up your face and feel relaxed after a long, winding day. They'll reinvigorate you instantaneously! These Aloe Vera wipes are an affordable and great option at ₹130.

    Get a set of two packs here.

    6. There's a chance that you're on edge because you haven't been drinking enough water. Keep yourself hydrated AF with this huge ass 2.5 L water bottle that will release those sweet, sweet endorphins - ₹455

    The bottle will help you reach your daily goal of consuming at least 2 litres of water, and it's BPA-free!

    7. Jot down your thoughts and rants, daily experiences, and something you're thankful for to let go of all your stress and also to give your memories a more permanent shape. ❤️ Use this stunning leather-bound journal - ₹499

    Get it here.

    8. A 500-piece jigsaw puzzle to give your tired self some interesting company. It'll last you about 2-3 hours - ₹799

    Puzzles are great way to keep your mind active and busy!

    9. Lose yourself in other worlds (and forget about the real one for a while) with the Kindle Paperwhite which can store thousands of books, and gives you instant access to the latest releases - ₹12,999

    Product Features:

    - The thinnest and lightest Kindle till date

    - 339 ppi glare-free display

    - 8GB Storage

    - Built-in adjustable light

    - Waterproof

    10. Get some coffee for refreshing starts throughout your day! This coffee is truly AMAZING - it tastes great, is a brilliant wake-me-up and comes in a variety of flavours (hazelnut, caramel, cocoa mint, berry, choco-orange and, of course, original) - ₹588 for a pack of 2

    Get the coffee here.

    11. Or this delicious organic hibiscus tea which is excellent for your health - ₹495

    Hibiscus tea is chock-full of antioxidants, it's improves your digestive health, strengthens and contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron. Plus, you can drink it either hot or cold.

    12. Use these bath salt variants for a nice, long soak in the bath after a tiring day - ₹400

    Buy the salts here.

    13. A squishy slow-rise toy for stress relief which is pretty darn cute - ₹396

    This toy is sooo good for anxiety and stress relief, and you can use it to exercise your palm too!

    14. Amp up the zen with a touch of green with this areca plant! Get the plant and pot combo for ₹395.

    Air purifying? ✔️

    Calming? ✔️

    Pretty? ✔️

    Easy to keep alive? ✔️✔️✔️

    15. Pamper yourself with some manis and pedis that you can do on your own with this amazing kit from VLCC - ₹298

    The kit contains a Hand and Foot Cleanser, Hand and Foot Scrub, Hand and Foot Cream, Anti-tan Pack, and some soothing Cuticle Oil.

    16. Time your work in sizable chunks of 60 minutes to avoid any sort of overload with a really gorgeous hourglass that will look amazing on your desk - ₹2,399

    And the timer has a nice little "inspired" tag that will hopefully reflect your work mood.

    17. Good clothes create good vibes! Wear this comfy bright red hoodie and remind yourself to "Be fearless, be strong, and be you!" - ₹745

    Get it here.

    18. Hydrate and uplift your face (and spirits) with this detoxifying serum from mCaffeine. It contains hyaluronic acid which is hydrating AF - ₹595

    The serum is loaded with antioxidants and it soothes your skin and removes irritants. Use it whenever your face needs a quick pick-me-up.

    19. Give yourself some slack and focus on improving your mental health with this fun de-stressing activity book for adults - ₹551

    The book contains puzzles of all levels so you don't feel daunted, and gives your mind something to think about instead of life's daily struggles and problems.

    20. A foot spa machine to help your feet forget all the traumatic situations they've been in (heels, running around doing errands, dancing...) - ₹2,499

    The machine is equipped with a mechanical roller, acupuncture points, a bubble jet, and you can control the temperature of the water - massage your stress and fatigue away.

    21. Exercising is an amazing way to relieve stress! STOP paying atrocious fees to gyms and start exercising at home or in the garden using this versatile yoga mat - ₹1,850

    The design of the mat is very premium, it does not skid or slip, it's extremely easy to carry around, and very comfortable to exercise on.

    22. Indulge in some well-deserved luxury with this bathing foam that has a beautiful rose fragrance - ₹1,187

    Keep your skin supple and happy with this bathing foam which you can use as a cleanser and for bubble baths!

    23. If you're a person who alternates between being organised and messy (READ: me), this fun planner will help you be so much more organised, and also give you loads of innovative ways to procrastinate like learning Japanese songs and finding out whether the moon landing was a hoax - ₹899

    Get it on Amazon for ₹899!

    24. Pamper your eyes with this portable eye massager which tackles eye strain and headaches - ₹10,953

    Just pop the gadget on your eyes and instantly feel the difference! It'll also help you sleep wayyy better, and is a great mood booster.

    25. Self-care time! This hamper that contains a milk protein face wash, scrub, hand and foot cream, peel off mask, and soap, IS BRILLIANT - ₹2,495

    This range of milk protein based products is so, so good for your skin! They keep it hydrated, supple, clean, and exfoliated.

    26. Organising your stuff makes your mind, and the entire space, a whole lot calmer. A quick fix to keep your tangled and messy cables at bay is this cable organiser - ₹299

    The organiser has an adhesive on its back on so you can secure it anywhere you want, and it can hold up to 7 cables at a time.

    27. Colouring is one of the best forms of therapy out there, and this book with a myriad of intricate mandalas will help you escape the real world for a while - ₹175

    Get it here!

    28. Make your walls shout out some motivation with this minimalist and subtle wall frame - ₹299

    Material: Synthetic Wood

    Dimensions: 12 inch x 12 inch

    Get it here!

    29. It's important to keep the level of nutrients high in your body, to feel energetic and healthy, especially on tiring and busy days. Snack on these sugar-free granola bars anytime, anywhere - ₹230 for a pack of six bars.

    The box contains the following flavours - Mango Ginger, Berry Blast, Orange, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and Chawanprash (for an extra nostalgic hit!).

    30. And, the BEST way to completely relax and feel comforted? Chocolate (obviously)! Get this Belgian Hot Chocolate mix for a nice, hot drink before you go to bed - ₹300

    Get this delicious mix here.