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    14 Products You Need If You're Someone Who Always Ends Up Forgetting Stuff

    For everyone who needs a Remembrall.

    1. A really cool reusable notebook for all your random thoughts and ideas - it can also digitise notes, search handwritten notes, create smart titles, store files! What even?! Get it on Amazon for ₹1,499

    2. A double-sided jewellery organiser to store earrings, bracelets, neckpieces, and all the other trinkets you own! It's can be hung up anywhere, is space saving, and you'll be able to find what you need without rummaging through twenty boxes - ₹315

    Earring and bracelets kept in the transparent pockets of the organiser. Neckpieces are hung up on the loops of the organiser.

    3. This multipurpose water bottle that has a pill organiser to make your life so much easier! It'll remind you to take your meds and you won't have to get up for a glass of water either - ₹299

    4. Self-watering plant pots for all those people who want a bit of greenery in their houses but end up with dead plants because they forgot to water them yet again - ₹649

    5. Store your cables, cords, USB drives, cell phones, chargers, and all the other electronic accessories you own in this supremely efficient and large organiser. It'll help you keep track of where everything is - ₹698

    Cables, earphones, a phone, and a pen stored in the orange and black organiser.

    6. A splatter guard to keep your kitchen counters spic and span, so you don't have a horrible mess to clean up even if you forget about the milk boiling on the stove - ₹236

    The splatter guard kept on a vessel of boiling milk to prevent overflow.

    7. Use this reusable writing pad, which comes with a stylus, to doodle, brainstorm, jot down ideas and thoughts, make lists, and anything else - it's efficient and convenient! Get it on Amazon for ₹489.

    8. This extremely useful wall organiser so you always remember your keys, cables, face masks, purse, and phone before stepping out - ₹289

    A brown MDF wall organiser with keys, napkins and two phones.

    9. A whiteboard and pin-up board combo that will be the best thing you invest in! You can write on it and put up sticky notes, reminders, posters - you'll never forget a thing! - ₹1,100

    10. You should get these mesh bags for fruits and veggies to finally be able to see what you're pulling out of your fridge. The bags are durable, reusable and will save fridge space. Plus, they're great for the environment (Pack of 6) - ₹219

    11. A handy kitchen timer so your meal doesn't end up being a burnt mess - ₹279

    12. Label all the unnamed powders in your kitchen with these cute chalkboard stickers so you don't accidentally add salt to your tea - ₹149

    13. Plan all your meals or grocery lists on this magnetic erase planner sheet which you can stick on your fridge! You can use it to list out the ingredients you have so you don't end up with blackened bananas and a smelly fridge - ₹499

    The dry erase sheet with columns for each day of the week, 4 markers, and a duster.

    14. Or get this magnetic memo pad that is very minimalist and won't take up a lot of space - ₹199