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    19 Products For Everyone Who Cannot Survive Without Their Daily Cup Of Coffee

    Don't talk to me before I've had my cup of coffee.

    1. This sleek French Press coffee maker so you never run out of your favourite beverage. It's fitted with a 4-part filtration system to ensure there are no coffee grounds in your brew - ₹1,599

    The image show us the steps to use the French Press coffee maker

    2. A pack of instant coffee to have a quick fix when you can't be bothered to brew or steep your coffee - ₹499

    3. Some pour over medium roast brew bags that will wake you right up! The coffee is rich, super palatable, and all you literally gotta do is pour some water over the sachet - ₹360

    Water being poured over the brew bag, which is placed in a cup.

    4. This MinisPresso is the perfect portable machine so you can have your favourite brews no matter where you go! It requires no batteries or electric power, is super easy to use, and makes a delicious espresso - ₹8,309

    5. A matte black mug that is very aesthetically-pleasing and represents our all-time mood - ₹299

    A matte black mug with the words, "Coffee makes everything better".

    6. A standard coffee machine that's super easy to use, so you can have a carafe full of coffee without making too much of a fuss. It makes up to 5 cups of coffee at a time - ₹1,249

    The coffee machine with a jar of coffee beans and a tray of pastries near it.

    7. A gorgeous tumbler so you can carry your coffee with you everywhere you go, without compromising on the temperature of your beverage! You can also take it to your favourite coffee place to use instead of disposable containers - ₹649

    A rose gold and black stainless steel tumbler

    8. French Vanilla coffee sprinkles to transform your coffee experience. You can put them in lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffees, instant coffee to give them a sumptuous creamy vanilla twist - ₹199

    9. A pack of cotton coffee filters that can be reused! They're great for the environment, and you'll never have to go through having no coffee just because you've run of out filters - ₹236

    The filter placed in a white coffee mug. Water is being poured over the filter.

    10. One thing you should definitely get is some good coffee beans! This particular roast is well-toned with subtle notes of apricot and honey - ₹199

    11. A cold brew maker if you're planning to sip on bottomless iced coffees over the summer - ₹1,999

    12. Deliciously sinful hazelnut coffee that will be the perfect companion for long books and romantic films - ₹319

    Two cups of coffee pictured with a book.

    13. This delightful mug that comes with a literal crown for a little pep talk with your daily cuppa - ₹684

    A white mug with the words "Queen of Everything" in golden. It has a golden crown around its rim.

    14. These bestselling metal straws to enjoy your iced coffees sustainably and look cool while doing it! They come in a jute pouch which makes it easy to carry them around, and there's also a straw cleaner so you don't have sticky residues on the inner surfaces - ₹249

    15. Missing your regular Starbucks coffee run? Whip up some really fancy lattes and cappuccinos with this coffee foam maker - ₹999

    Steps to make the perfect cup of coffee using the milk frother.

    16. This filter coffee maker (₹275) and stainless steel tumbler-dabara set (₹259) if you love trying out new brews and want to make the finest filter coffee right at home!

    17. Also, get some authentic filter coffee that has a chocolatey-bitter flavour note and is practically making my mouth water - ₹220

    18. A brass coffee measuring scoop and sealing clip set from Ikea that has a premium feel and will keep your coffee from going stale. Enjoy your coffee in style, people - ₹287

    19. A pack of cold brew filter bags to make fresh iced coffees without using any equipment. Just add a brew bag to a jar of water, steep it overnight, and you'll have a week's worth of coffee! - ₹425