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    Give Your Hands And Nails A Pamper Sesh With These 16 Relaxing Products

    Including a hand scrub, cuticle oil, and nail polish drying machine!

    1. Some frangipani and rose lotion to keep dry hands hydrated and nourished. It has a lightweight formula and smells divine - ₹945

    2. Hydrating gloves to deeply nurture and moisturise your hands. Just pop them on for about 20 minutes, and your hands will have never felt better! They do everything from restoring skin elasticity to softening cuticles - ₹999

    3. A set of falsies to give your nails a bomb makeover at home without having to worry about tools and various coats of nail polish getting ruined - ₹320

    4. Transform your nail profile from "dull and lifeless" to "smooth and shiny" with this nail shiner and filer - ₹499

    5. A top coat to prevent your painstakingly applied nail polish from chipping off - ₹168

    6. Give yourself a manicure under one minute with this hand scrub enriched with grapefruit seed oil, strawberry extract, and honey - ₹325

    A person using the scrub on the back of their hand

    7. Another option is this tea tree and walnut scrub to revitalise and hydrate your skin - ₹150

    8. Perfumed hand cream that comes in this ultra adorable packaging - ₹430

    A flower pot shaped container with a cat figurine peeping out

    9. Make those cuticles shine with this cuticle oil enriched with sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. It hydrates your nails, reduces brittleness heals dry and damaged cuticles, and makes them strong - ₹399

    10. Rubber gloves to keep your hands healthy and safe from harsh soaps, detergents, and cleaning solutions - ₹349

    A collage of various uses of the gloves - washing a car, cleaning a tap, bathing a dog, and cleaning a toilet

    11. If you love nail art and want to try it out yourself, stop using toothpicks and pins and get this nail art toolkit which contains everything you could possibly need - ₹1,199

    12. A manicure kit from VLCC to give yourself some posh spa treatment right at home - ₹335

    13. A set of 4 nail paints that are long-lasting, do not chip, and have a lovely shiny finish - ₹399

    14. Nail polish remover wipes for a quick and mess-free experience - ₹99

    15. Prevent any nail polish spillage and give yourself easy access to the nail polish bottle with this holder. It accommodates every bottle size - ₹159

    The holder can be worn like a ring around your finger

    16. And, this nail polish drying machine so you don't have to stay in the same place for 20 minutes and risk ruining your nail-do by twitching even a little - ₹1,799