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    23 Marvel Products You Need If You're Totally And Completely Obsessed With The Avengers

    Avengers, assemble!

    1. A mug in the shape of Thor's Mjölnir so you can channel the God of Thunder and and chug down endless mugs of beer - ₹795

    2. This really cool Iron Man pen drive, the 'eyes' of which glow blue when connected to a device! Who wouldn't want that? It has a 32 GB storage capacity, and is also available in silver - ₹799

    3. A Captain America pop socket so you don't drop your phone and have a cracked screen yet again - ₹298

    4. This Groot planter pot that you can use to start your plant parent journey or even use as a stationery holder! It'll look really adorable and quirky - ₹299

    Flowers planted in the Groot pot

    5. A snug (and very cute!) Thor cushion to clutch onto whilst rewatching WandaVision and bawling over, "What is grief, if not love persevering?" - ₹700

    6. Speaking of WandaVision, get this comic book to read about the thrilling adventures of one of the most interesting couples of all time! - ₹824

    7. This Avengers lapel pin to show off who you truly are even if people don't believe you - ₹2,364

    A golden lapel pin in the shape of the Avengers logo

    8. An Iron Man tumbler that can be used for drinking all your beverages! It'll definitely stand out at you regular coffee shop - ₹500

    9. A set of superhero face towels so you can start your mornings on a more interesting and adventurous note - ₹260

    Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain America towels

    10. This rad cassette player so you can jam to hits from the 1970s in Star Lord style - ₹2,999

    11. This coffee mug featuring Loki, who is actually so damn cute even if he is a little chaotic evil - ₹399

    12. Get this minimalist decal for your laptop so Earth's mightiest heroes are always at your side no matter where you go - ₹199

    A laptop decal with minimalist logos of each Avenger

    13. This topnotch Avengers-themed journal to jot down all your evil Earth-takeover plots or all your plans to save the Earth, no judgement here - ₹349

    14. A lovely keychain that will make you reminiscent of everyone's favourite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist - ₹399

    The keychain has the words I Love You 3000 engraved on it. It also has an Iron Man charm.

    15. Keep your AirPods super safe and secure with this Spider-Man cover! It reduces damage, dust and lint collection, has an easy grip and is shockproof - ₹399

    16. A Black Widow bobblehead that you can place on your work desk, side table, bookshelf, or even car dashboard to remind yourself to be smart, strong, compassionate and a whole lot of sassy - ₹999

    17. This awesome illusion lamp that will make your bedroom look as futuristic as Tony Stark's lab - ₹899

    A lamp that has a glowing wireframe in the shape of Iron Man's helmet. The wireframe gives it the illusion of being a hologram.

    18. These cufflinks to make your OOTD look so much more dapper, though I doubt you can surpass Steve Rogers - ₹445

    Cufflinks in the shape of Captain America's shield.

    19. Make your walls more fun with these posters that you'll love if you adore all things minimalistic and all things Marvel. The set contains Black Panther, Captain America, Deadpool, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man posters - ₹299

    20. This bracelet with Avengers charms so you can wear your bling, your zing, and your heart quite literally on your sleeve - ₹449

    21. These magnetic bookmarks if you're a huge fan of Iron Man and also so you don't forget what page you're on even if you're reading multiple books at once. Not to mention, Tony Stark and the concept of magnetic bookmarks just go together - ₹159

    A set of four Iron Man themed magnetic bookmarks

    22. A Spider-Man face mask so you can keep yourself safe and protected. After all, with great power, comes great responsibility - ₹199

    23. This Avengers colouring book so you can enjoy an afternoon of zen with your favourite superheroes - ₹290