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    15 Luxurious Products To Have The Best And Most Relaxing Baths Ever

    Pamper yourself! ✨

    1. A refreshing sweet lime shower gel for squeaky clean and moisturised skin - ₹575

    2. This coffee bathing bar in the variant Cappuccino for the perfect wake-me-up. It moisturises, polishes, softens skin, and doesn't strip it off any natural oils - ₹239

    3. This nourishing argan oil gel scrub from The Body Shop to exfoliate skin without making it too dry or rough - ₹1,295

    4. This body wash from Aveeno, that contains oat extracts and natural oils, is amazingly moisturising and works best on dry skin - ₹630

    5. Organic bath powder that contains a blend of Indian herbs for a revitalising bathing experience - ₹690

    6. Rice water is known to decrease hair fall, aid growth, and keep those tresses smooth and silky. This fermented rice water hair mask also contains ingredients like olive oil and rosemary extract to do all this and more! - ₹489

    7. A really posh product is this 24K gold face and body scrub that contains gold mica powder, walnut, and cocoa butter to keep your skin super radiant - ₹449

    8. This caffeinated scalp scrub for keeping your scalp free from dandruff and build up. All you have to do is wet your hair, massage the scrub in, and rinse it off with some shampoo! Hello, soothed scalp! - ₹499

    9. Get to the most hard-to-reach places with this double-sided body brush to massage and exfoliate skin, improve blood circulation, and remove dead skin - ₹499

    10. Rid your shelves of harsh dehydrating face washes and treat yourself to this soothing facial foam which helps purify your skin and reduce pimple formation - ₹67

    11. Lavender bath salts to help you truly unwind. They're 100% natural and will completely relax those muscles - ₹330

    Lavender bath salts in a glass bottle with a cork

    12. This mango and papaya body cleanser to make each day a whole lot brighter and also to smell amazing while doing so! - ₹399

    13. It's important to exfoliate your skin for extra hydration and protection from the harsh weather. This coffee body scrub will scrub away dead skin cells, blackheads, impurities, pollution, and unwanted tan. And it smells delish - ₹399

    14. You gotta believe me when I say bath bombs are the epitome of luxury. Create some drama and relaxation in the bathroom with these - ₹299

    Three lavender bath bombs

    15. And, a fluffy bathrobe to jump right in after your shower so you don't have to deal with the dreadful post-bath chill. It will tempt you to live in it forever - ₹1,499 onwards