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    14 Products To Have A Super Snug And Cosy Monsoon

    Rainy days are best spent in warm covers with a hot coffee.

    1. A jar of extremely delicious Irish Cream flavoured coffee that you won't be able to stop drinking! It'll be the perfect treat for when you're reading a long book or even when you're watching the rain from your window - ₹275

    A mug of coffee with whipped cream on top. Coffee beans are scattered around it and the jar of coffee is kept in the background.

    2. Fuzzy socks to keep your feet toasty and completely protected from cold floors - ₹799

    Two pairs of socks with a snowflake and reindeer print

    3. ~Throw~ this knitted blanket on any sofa or chair so you won't have to get up and find something warm when temperatures drop - ₹1,359

    A knitted blanket with fringed edges, draped on a couch

    4. This lovely moon lamp, which emits both yellow and white light, will be the perfect companion for a quiet night in - ₹499

    5. This exceptionally soft Sherpa fleece comforter set that's going to pull you back in as soon as you try to escape it. Well, no regrets - ₹2,639

    6. A body pillow so you have something to cuddle with while you nap against the backdrop of cloudy skies and the soft pitter-patter of the rain - ₹749

    A person resting on the pillow and stretching her arms

    7. This sleek French Press coffee maker so you never run out of your favourite beverage. It's fitted with a 4-part filtration system to ensure there are no coffee grounds in your brew - ₹1,599

    The image show us the steps to use the French Press coffee maker

    8. This super soft shaggy rug that will be your new haven whilst looking pretty damn amazing whichever room you place it in - ₹1,999

    A taupe shaggy rug with diamond-shaped designs on it in white.

    9. This foldable table that can be propped right up on your bed so you can attend meetings or classes whilst staying put in your blanket - ₹699

    The table placed on a bed. A laptop, tablet, keyboard, mouse, and a phone are kept on the table.

    10. You can always bank on hot chocolate to instantly improve your mood! Get this SUPER yum hot chocolate from Cadbury that will be the best indulgence ever - ₹149

    The pack of hot chocolate and a mug of hot chocolate with white marshmallows in it

    11. Have you ever heard of hot chocolate without marshmallows? Get a pack right here! - ₹170

    12. This super fluffy and cosy faux fur blanket to snuggle into whilst watching sappy rom-coms without feeling too lonely - ₹1,279

    A blue faux fur blanket draped on a beige couch.

    13. A sprinkler bottle of chai masala so you always have kadak chai to tantalise your tastebuds - ₹169

    14. A fluffy AF bean bag that can be used as your new work chair or bingeing spot - ₹1,700