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    Give Your Home A Brand New Feel With These 17 Products

    New home, new you.

    1. All you need for a GREAT day is some great motivation, and what better than these cute animal frames that will inspire you to be yourself and follow your dreams (Set of 4) - ₹399

    2. Or you can even create a nostalgic corner with these frames for your favourite photographs - ₹1,200

    3. This tasteful wine organising rack so you can show off all your... empty bottles? - ₹649

    4. Reduce the clutter in your fridge with these reusable microfibre mesh bags. Store your fruits and veggies in them, and you can also use them for meal prepping (Set of 6) - ₹199

    5. Make getting out of bed even harder with this superrrr cosy comforter that you can reverse if you're bored of one side - ₹759

    6. Give your house an elegant and ethnic touch with these gorgeously crafted miniature apsara statues (Set of 5) - ₹2,395

    7. This lovely clock in black and gold tones will amp up the ambiance of any room - ₹ 3,999

    8. An amazing and easy way to brighten up your space is by adding a few colourful cushions on your couch, chairs, or bed. This 5-piece set of floral cushions is too pretty to not buy - ₹497

    9. Flamingos are really in trend RN, get this frame that's vibrant and fun - ₹501

    10. Show off your best memories on this string of photo clip lights - ₹399

    11. Blackout curtains to maximise your sleeping, binging, or staying-at-home experience - ₹599

    12. These compartmentalised containers are incredible for both home and office - use them for toiletries/makeup/innerwear/napkins/desk management (Set of 2) - ₹540

    13. A 3-tier adhesive wall shelf for your bathroom or kitchen - ₹1,299

    14. Some fun little chalkboard labels to organise your pantry, make-up, jewellery or office (96 pieces) - ₹129

    15. Miniature pots painted with divine Warli designs (Set of 3) - ₹669

    16. Create a beautiful (and comfy!) ambiance with these vintage mosaic candle holders - ₹444 for a set of 2

    17. Spruce up any corner of your space with this elegant hand-painted planter - ₹2,090