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    19 Gifts For Your Long Distance SO If You're Missing Each Other A Bit Too Much

    Doorie sahi jaayein naa. 😢

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of gorgeous wineglasses that can customised with your names! Who says you can't have a romantic wine-and-dine date on a video call? You can even use them for an online wine tasting session together! - ₹899

    Get the glasses here.

    2. This keychain that has two detachable jigsaw pieces, so you both can keep a piece each! You can also customise the text on the keychain - ₹315

    Get it here.

    3. This super adorable mug so they have reminder of your love each time they have their cuppa, which is likely to be multiple times a day - ₹199

    A white mug that has a galaxy design and a rocket doodle. It says, "I love you to the moon and back".

    Get it here.

    4. A set of cheesy postcards if they enjoy puns, and so they can send you handwritten notes (it'll technically be a gift to yourself 😏) - ₹189 for a set of 8

    A wooden desk with a coffee mug, journal, plant, and two pink postcards on it. One has a drawing of sticky notes and says, "We stick together". The other one has a drawing of a strawberry and says, "I love you berry much".

    Get it here.

    5. This scratch off world map so they can keep a track of all your travels and adventures - ₹719

    Get it here.

    6. A pack of playing cards that list out 52 reasons why you love them! The cards will also keep them entertained, and are a standout gift option - ₹399

    The cards pictured with 2 red dice and scrabble tiles that spell out the word 'love'.

    Get the cards here.

    7. A lovely 18k gold-plated photo pendant necklace because is there anything remotely romantic than your photo stored in your partner's locket? And this one can hold up to 7 photos! - ₹404

    Get it here.

    8. These battery-operated photo clip lights so they can display the memories of the two of you in the most aesthetic way possible - ₹399

    Get the lights here.

    9. This very cute cushion that aptly describes how your mood has been since they've been away! And, it'll hopefully make them realise that it's time to come back - ₹299

    A beige cushion that has a boy with his hands stretched out and the words, "I miss you this much!".

    Get it here.

    10. Gift them an at-home spa day with this lovely de-stress kit that contains an exfoliating scrub made from pure coffee beans, face wash, face scrub, face mask, a wooden scoop, and a fluffy towel - ₹1,695

    Get it here.

    11. These stunning lava stone bracelets that the both of you can wear! They are versatile enough to go with any outfit - ₹194

    Get them here.

    12. Pull out all the stops and get them this hamper chock full of some really yum gourmet chocolates - ₹3,750

    Hamper Contents: A 24 pc Ferrero Rocher pack, 6 assorted Lindt bars, and 3 Ritter Sport bars

    13. Project your love with this necklace that literally projects 'I love you' in a hundred different languages when you flash some light on the pendant - ₹699

    Get it here.

    14. This soothing moon lamp that'll make them reminisce about the chaand of their life - ₹999

    Also, the lamp has two modes - yellow and white, to suit their mood.

    15. These super adorable 😍and 😘 emoji cushions so they always know about your true feelings, and have something to cuddle with when you aren't around - ₹250

    A heart-eyes and a kissing emoji cushions.

    Size:- 35 x 35 cm. Get them here!

    16. This webcam by Logitech that boasts of features like widescreen HD video calling, HD light correction, and a noise-reducing mic so you can FINALLY see their non-pixelated face on video calls - ₹2,595

    Get it here.

    17. A hot pink neon light that will look amazing on their nightstand instead of the regular boring lamps, and it'll also remind them of your loooove - ₹999

    The lamp has attached hooks so you can hang it up on your wall too! You can also get it in multicoloured and white variants.

    Get it here.

    18. A set of 5 pretty lil bottles in which you can insert personalised notes so your partner can give them a quick read whenever they wanna feel some love - ₹325

    Bottle size: 7 cm. And they come in a nice wooden box so you needn't worry about wrapping the gift.

    Get the set here.

    19. And, this suitcase that's stylish, spacious and will be a sure-shot reminder for them to meet you ASAP! - ₹2,589

    A blue and white polycarbonate suitcase.

    Capacity: 28 liters | Dimensions: 38 cms x 21 cms x 55 cms

    Get it here.