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    18 Products For People Who Want To Get Rid Of Problems With Minimal Effort

    You can thank me later. 🙊

    1. A set of space-saving shoe organisers to neatly accommodate your huge collection without having to stack dusty soles on top of each other - ₹549 (Pack of 6)

    The organiser has an inclined plane to neatly place one shoe on top of the other, thereby halving the space required to store them

    2. Make kitchen surfaces clutter-free with this really cool stand that you can use to hold a chakla, belan, and tongs! Everything you need to make rotis will be accessible in one place, giving this one extra points for efficiency - ₹199

    3. These daily cleansing wipes are enriched with aloe vera to cleanse skin without using any additional products and also to keep it cool and fresh - ₹85

    4. These cable protectors will save your cords from fraying so you won't have to replace them every 6 months (Pack of 12) - ₹149

    The protectors used on charger and earphone cables

    5. Keep bras and underwear safe from wear and tear while keeping your wardrobe spic and span with this large organiser - ₹399

    The organiser used to store lingerie

    6. Make your work desk super tidy with this wire bin that'll organise cables that seem to be lying all over the place - ₹799

    A before-and-after image of a work desk. The before image shows us a messy desk with cables all over the place. The after image shows us a tidy desk with cables neatly arranged using the wire bin.

    7. These herb scissors that'll help you save up on some meal prep ~thyme~. The scissors have 5 blades to ensure an even cut and and come with a comb to clean up any residue - ₹299

    A person using the scissors to cut up scallions

    8. Get this mountable and collapsible laundry basket so you finally get rid of the pile of dirty clothes on your chair - ₹419

    The metal laundry basket mounted on the side of a washing machine

    9. These bestselling multipurpose microfibre cloths for some thorough cleaning. They're highly absorbent and won't leave behind lint or streak marks. Stop using those ratty t-shirts now - ₹275

    A lime green microfibre cloth being used to clean a microwave door

    10. This snug case for your earphones so you don't spend the hour before a meeting untangling them - ₹70

    Earphones kept in a circular case

    11. This bottle cleaner that will get rid of residues and musty smells. It's specially designed to reach each and every corner of the bottle - ₹160

    Different types of bottles and the brush kept on a kitchen counter.

    12. Chopping stuff into even-sized bits is literally a pain, especially if it's onions. Get this nifty veggie chopper if you happen to start crying even before the onions are cut - ₹236

    13. This mop and wheeled bucket set is honestly one of the best investments you can make. Say goodbye to backbreaking floor cleaning - ₹1,399

    14. This soap and sponge organiser for your kitchen sink so your counters don't end up being a sticky soapy mess. You can even use it for your bathroom basin to store toiletries - ₹199

    15. If you've ever cooked a buttery grilled cheese sandwich or a curry loaded with gravy in a pan, you know how unforgiving those cooked-on remnants are. Use these pan scrapers to make cleaning them super quick and painless, you won't even have to soak the vessels in water! (Set of 2) - ₹589 (MRP: ₹749)

    16. This rechargeable electric lighter that can be used for candles, diyas, stoves, and BBQ grills without worrying about fire-related casualties! It's weather-proof and reduces waste too - ₹699

    17. A laundry folding board to finally get the task of organising your clothes underway - ₹699

    18. A bottle opener for when you struggle with a lid and don't want/have any help - ₹249