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    16 Must-Buy Gadgets That Will Save Your Money In The Long Run

    No more avoiding looking at your bank statement.

    1. Water-resistant wireless earphones so you don't ruin them no matter how sweaty or intense your workout gets. They have a 24-hour playtime, touch controls, and passive noise cancellation - ₹799

    2. Trim your eyebrows, sideburns, upper lip, underarms, and bikini line with this pretty amazing electric trimmer from Veet. One device, SO MANY USES - ₹1,299

    3. A nifty milk frothing device to stop spending atrocious amounts at coffee places and craft your own cafe-style coffees, frappes, and milkshakes that might turn out to be way yummier - ₹999

    A collage of frothy latte, espresso, matcha, and milk - all made using the frothing device

    4. This Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to your wallet, phone, keys, or luggage so you can locate them if they happen to go missing - ₹1,463

    5. A 10th Gen Kindle Paperwhite to get access to all the latest releases at lesser prices than physical copies. The read (and unread) books won't take any space too! So, technically, you don't have to pay for pricey books and bookshelves - ₹10,299

    6. Take care of all your hair styling needs with this efficient 3-in-1 straightener, curler, and crimper. You won't need to buy multiple tools, this is the whole package! - ₹1,098

    7. Use this reusable writing pad, which comes with a stylus, to doodle, brainstorm, jot down ideas and thoughts, make lists, and anything else - it's efficient and convenient! Get it on Amazon for ₹589.

    8. A cold brew maker if you can't survive the day without iced coffees running through your bloodstream and you reach for your wallet as soon as you crave one - ₹3,742

    9. If you don't wanna spend the big bucks on a brand new smart TV, get the supremely amazing Amazon Fire TV Stick is loaded with streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and YouTube so you never run out of things to watch - ₹2,999

    10. This compact and portable projector to enjoy the cinema hall experience and avoid splurging on tickets and popcorn! It supports 1080p and can be connected to your laptop/phone/hard drive - ₹8,490

    11. If you're a person who likes elaborate and fancy snacks, get this best-selling air fryer that makes amazingly yum and healthy stuff so you finally stop ordering takeout! This machine can be used to fry, grill, bake and it needs almost 80% less oil. You can make all sorts of stuff such as French fries, chips, fried chicken, potato wedges, paneer tikka....gosh, my mouth's already watering - ₹7,999

    French fries being cooked in the air fryer. Other fried food items like fried chicken, spring rolls are kept next to it.

    12. An epilator from Philips that boasts of two speed settings for both thick and fine hair so you always get a thorough shave. It's gentle, comfortable, and very easy to use. Say goodbye to the wrath of parlour aunties and the amount you spend on waxing. It's a one-time investment, baby - ₹3,000

    13. A really cool reusable notebook for all your random thoughts and ideas - it can also digitise notes, search for handwritten notes, create smart titles, store files! What even?! Get it on Amazon for ₹1,499.

    14. This amazing blender that can be used to make smoothies, iced coffees, spice mixes, chutneys, batters, soups and purees right at home - ₹4,999

    The blender with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and spinach kept in the jar

    15. Herbs tend to have a very short life when not stored properly, and so, you should totally get this herb saving pod that will keep them fresh and crisp for almost a month! It's a great investment if you end up throwing out bunches of coriander and mint at the end of each week - from ₹5,881

    16. Protect cables and cords from any wear and tear with this really cute cable wrap so you don't end up buying a new cable every other month - ₹299

    A Baymax cable wrap