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    14 Last Minute Deals On Products For Anyone Who's Bored Of Their Current Decor

    Hurry up and grab these deals!

    1. Jazz up any plain wall instantly with these colourful wooden boards - ₹399 (MRP: ₹799)

    Circular wooden boards on a white wall. They are colourful and have varied prints.

    2. When in doubt, go for string lights. Layer curtains with them, place them on bed frames, or just stuff them in a lantern or candle holder and voila! Perfection ✨ - ₹999 (MRP: ₹1,999)

    String lights layered with curtains and draped on a cabinet, chair, and plant

    3. Make any room a cosy and snug place with this shaggy rug. It's going to be extra hard getting up once you sit down on something so fluffy - ₹4,999 (MRP: ₹8,999)

    A shaggy rug placed underneath a plant and a bench

    4. Make hanging up keys, scarves, masks, towels, and other stuff super cute with these vibrant umbrella-shaped wall hooks - ₹54 (MRP: ₹199)

    Blue, pink, and green umbrella-shaped wall hooks holding up a napkin and a small shopping bag

    5. Turn up the cosy and the cute with these peaceful and super soft velvet cushions - ₹499 (MRP: ₹1,299)

    White cloud, pale yellow half moon, and powder blue star cushions

    6. This kitty planter from Chumbak that's ~purrfect~ for any nook and will usher in lots of calm and bliss - ₹695 (MRP: ₹695)

    A grey cat planter with a succulent. The cat has a blissful expression on its face.

    7. Create your ~dream~ aesthetic with this really pretty dreamcatcher that serves both as day decor and night decor! It looks amazing as night lamp - ₹299 (MRP: ₹599)

    A collage of the dreamcatcher with and without the fairy lights turned on

    8. Give your space a fun touch with this bold and cheery pineapple lamp - ₹649 (MRP: ₹1,999)

    A black wire lamp in the shape of a pineapple.

    9. This might sound a bit weird, but trust me, it works! Get this super summery set of washi tapes, cut them into strips, and stick these on a plain wall like sprinkles! This will give the room a whole new mood - ₹399 (MRP: ₹685)

    Washi tapes with floral and pineapple designs

    10. Give your living room a traditional and elegant feel with these handcrafted Madhubani terracotta matkis. They'll look superb on tables or shelves - ₹1,405 (MRP: ₹2,124)

    Black, gold, and white Madhubani terracota matkis

    11. This self-adhesive film to give glass cabinets the illusion of frosted glass so you don't have to worry about them being properly organised at all times. No one will notice the messes you're hiding 😋 - ₹299

    12. A gorgeous ikat table runner to make your dining space vibrant and also to save your table from spills and damage by hot utensils - ₹269 (MRP: ₹999)

    A yellow and blue ikat table runner spread out on a wooden table

    13. Make your kitchen or dining area a playful space with these punny chalkboard frames that are just too adorable to not buy - ₹499 (MRP: ₹1,199)

    4 chalkboard frames hung up on a kitchen wall. They have punny quotes on them like, "Catch you on the flip side", "Wok this way", "Begin each day with a grateful heart", and "Roll with it".

    14. Bring in some freshness with these vines that you can place on window sills, wall grids, cabinets, walls, and balcony railings - ₹279 (MRP: ₹499)

    Artificial money plant vines hung up on the wall of a kid's room