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    17 Fragrances You (And Those Around You) Won't Be Able To Resist

    Happiness is a new perfume.

    1. Kiss Eau de Parfum spray by our favourite RIHANNA (IKR!) - ₹3,800

    2. Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose for some freshness and spontaneity - ₹4,575

    3. Davidoff Cool Water if you're in love with the scent of the ocean - ₹1,800

    4. Victoria's Secret Eau De Parfum Bombshell Rollerball if you prefer floral notes and convenience - ₹2,299

    5. Skinn Sheer Fragrance to usher some sensuality in your life - ₹1,830

    6. Chumbak Woodland Breeze if you want a fruity and floral combo - ₹345

    7. Ital Veloce Valvatina Fine Body Mist for a nice vibrant option - ₹649

    8. For a travel-friendly and convenient option, get this pocket perfume so you ALWAYS smell good at just ₹90!

    9. Class up your entire look with this eau de toilette from United Colours of Benetton - ₹1,420

    10. All Good Scents Urbane Nights Eau De Toilette, which is 100% vegan and cruelty-free - ₹899

    11. Titan Skinn Fragrances in the variants Verge and Raw (Pack of 2) - ₹1,405

    12. One 8 PURE Eau De Parfum for all you Kohli lovers - ₹748

    13. Can't decide if you prefer the ocean or the mountains? Get this fragrance which boasts of aquatic and woody notes - ₹799

    14. aamód Luxury Fragrance Vibrant Vetiver for a burst of citrusy freshness - ₹1,999

    15. This really clean and bright Usher (by Usher) that'll make everyone around you go "Yeah!" - ₹3,800

    16. A deodourant and eau de toilette set from UCB - ₹1,710

    17. And Beardo's Origin Perfume to emanate a lovely musk that will be super hard to ignore (in a good way, obvz) - ₹639