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    Treat The Fancy People In Your Life To These 19 Gifts That Are Actually Pretty Inexpensive

    All of these are under ₹1500!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These stunning wine glasses to treat themselves to some champagne, wine, or eggnog and get into the spirit of Christmas - ₹329 for two glasses

    Get the set here.

    2. This gorgeous hammock swing that they can set up in a corner for some 'Me time', away from all the chaos of the world - ₹1,490

    Get it here.

    3. These delicious caramel and hazelnut flavoured coffees that are so much better than the overpriced beverages at their regular coffee place - ₹539

    A mug of coffee kept on a wooden plank. There is a jar of spilling coffee beans in the background and sprig of white flowers in the front.

    One of our colleagues, Sumedha Bharpilania, reviewed the caramel-flavoured coffee.

    She says, ""I am not a coffee person but this variant by Country Bean is so good that I've started reaching for a cuppa every single day. The flavour is rich and the fragrance is utterly beautiful. It tastes just like the caramel macchiato you get at Starbucks! Even better sometimes."

    Get them here.

    4. A jade roller which improves blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and not to mention, looks so pretty - ₹399

    A woman using the jade roller.

    The roller has a nice cooling effect on your skin and works best on the face, neck, back, shoulders, legs, and feet.

    5. A Himalayan Mist scented candle if they're a total travelholic and can't wait to get out of the house! It'll make them reminiscent of adventures and the mountains - ₹499

    Get it here.

    6. Gift them an at-home spa day with this lovely de-stress kit that contains an exfoliating scrub made from pure coffee beans, a coffee-infused body polishing oil, a wooden scoop, and a handcrafted wooden massager - ₹995

    Get it here.

    7. A luxurious overnight water mask that will revive, refresh and soothe skin - ₹716

    This face mask hydrates and nourishes skin to reduce signs of stress and exhaustion, while also reversing the damaging effects of UV rays, pollution and smoke.

    8. This leather-bound journal so they can jot down their thoughts, rants, and daily experiences - ₹499

    Get it here.

    9. A very cosy throw blanket to snuggle into when watching sappy holiday romcoms won't be the worst thing in the world, eh? - ₹789

    A bright yellow throw blanket draped on an off-white sofa.

    Get it here.

    10. A pair of gorgeous wineglasses that can be customised with their names! - ₹899

    Get the glasses here.

    11. This woven cotton rope planter to show restraint and introduce neutral tones to their space. It'll create a nice laid-back ambience, whilst the plants will breathe in life and vitality to the room - ₹545

    Get it here.

    12. You gotta believe me when I say bath bombs are the epitome of luxury. Get these in some amazing flavours like rose, lavender, vanilla, and coffee for a rejuvenating pick-me-up! - ₹299

    Get them here.

    13. Or get these organic Ocean Breeze bath salts so they can have calming bath after a tiring day! They can also use them for foot soak-slash-pedicure situation - ₹370

    Get the bath salts here.

    14. This lovely moon lamp, which emits both yellow and white light, to quite literally soothe their soul - ₹849

    Get it here.

    15. This fluffy bathrobe to jump right in after a shower so they don't have to deal with the dreadful post-bath icy chill. Also, grey is the comfiest colour, don't you agree? - ₹1,419

    Get it here.

    16. This rose gold wall grid that can be used to display photos, notes, reminders, magnets, and their favourite knickknacks. It also has a small shelf for plants or frames - ₹749

    The wall grid with photos and a plant. There's a rose gold magazine holder, a standing lamp, and another plant placed near it.

    Get it here.

    17. Treat them to some luxury (God knows we need it) with this 100% natural agate gemstone bath bar that will melt all the stress away and is great for skin - ₹255

    Get it here!

    18. Usher in loads of calm with this ocean breeze potpourri that's a delight for the eyes and nose - ₹249

    Get it here.

    19. This sumptuous box filled with chocolate-coated dry fruits that gives you the best of both worlds and is the perfect gift for anyone who has a sweet tooth - ₹415

    Get it here.