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    Stock Up On These 20 Stationery Essentials Now That It's Exam Season

    Yay, something to be excited about.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super adorable study planner that's undated so you can start your study schedule anytime you want! Bonus: Stickers 😍. It's available on Amazon for ₹499.

    The planner is available in many designs, GO WILD!

    2. Or if you want a constant reminder of everything you have to do, you ought to invest in this magnetic planner sheet that you can stick on the thing you visit the most, your fridge - ₹399

    Also, the sheet comes with markers and a duster! You can even use it for meal prep, grocery lists, meeting reminders, To-Dos, and so much more!

    3. The love of everyone's life, Post-Its! The entire set is priced at ₹349.

    This gorgeous set contains four sticky-note pads (100 sheets each) and arrow flags in eight vibrant colours (200 flags per colour). Make your files, papers, work surfaces, and walls bright and stunning!

    4. These really gorgeous notebooks that will, honestly, motivate you to study - ₹277

    Each notebook contains 80 pages. 2 notebooks are ruled and 1 is blank.

    5. If you tend to be more organised and systematic, this 5-subject ruled notebook is perfect - ₹164

    Paper density: 70 GSM | Number of pages: 300

    6. A 25-pieces pack of ballpoint pens so you don't end up rummaging your drawers and bags for a goddamn pen - ₹119

    Get the pack here!

    7. A whiteboard for some kickass Math practice - ₹390

    8. With a whiteboard, you'll need markers and a duster! Get some normal red, blue, green, black markers (₹51), or these really vibrant ones (₹65), and a duster (₹69).,,

    Get the Camlin marker set here.

    Get the Cello marker set here.

    Get the duster here.

    9. You CANNOT enter exam season without a nice, sturdy clipboard! You can opt for this this transparent option (₹299), or if you want something more fun, get this ultra colourful one (₹300)!

    Get the transparent clipboard here, and the colourful one here.

    10. Another essential you gotta get is this double-hole metal sharpener from Staedtler - ₹325

    The sharpener has a safety lock to prevent pencil shavings from getting all over the place.

    11. Can you even begin studying without highlighters right by your side? Don't be basic and get this set of 8 highlighters that come in some pretty amazing colours- ₹591

    I think I might buy these highlighters myself. 😍

    12. Or maybe these highlighters in pastel shades will do the trick (Pack of 5) - ₹504

    You can also get these highlighters in a pack of 4 or a pack of 15.

    13. Some correction tape that's waterproof, refillable, safe for the environment, and SO DAMN EASY to use - ₹121

    Get this pack of 3 correction tapes here!

    14. One of the most basic things you prolly need is a ruler. Get this 12" inch steel ruler for ₹160!

    It's long-lasting, it's sturdy, and it's eco-friendly! Get it here.

    15. Again, pretty basic, but you definitely should buy some erasers (in case you don't wanna waste time going to the stationery store). This pack of 20 non-dust jumbo erasers from Apsara is just for ₹95!

    Get the set here.

    16. This adorable panda stapler that will 100% usher in some cheery vibes during your study sesh - ₹299

    This stapler set includes a stapler and 1000 No.10 staples. The stapler can fit up to 40 staples at one time.

    17. A mathematical instruments box from Camlin that's bringing in waves of nostalgia TBH :') - ₹95

    Box Contents: 1 compass, 1 divider, 1 ruler, 2 set squares, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 pencil, and 1 mechanical pencil.

    18. These rose gold unicorn paper clips if you love subtle, minimalist, and eye-catching products (Set of 8) - ₹475

    Boring paper clips, no more.

    19. And yes, you could just get this set from Luxor that contains gel pens, ballpoint pens, highlighters, permanent markers, and mechanical pencils with pencil leads - ₹180

    The set will have you covered this entire exam season!

    20. Lastly, give yourself a serious morale-boost with this desk storage container that will remind you to #DreamBig - ₹760

    The container perfect for storing all your bits and bobs - pens, pencils, markers, rulers. You can also use it for beauty products, cutlery, toiletries, and more.