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    14 Highly Discounted Skincare Products If Your Skin Just Doesn't Seem To Care

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    1. This gorgeous combo of murumuru butter and rose body wash and body lotion that will keep your skin happy, healthy, and hydrated - ₹617 (MRP: ₹950)

    2. This L'Oreal Paris clay mask that'll rejuvenate dull and tired-looking skin - ₹487 (MRP: ₹750)

    3. Keep annoying and painful pimples at bay with these super effective hydrocolloid acne patches. They heal acne and reduce inflammation - ₹239 (MRP: ₹299)

    4. A lightweight and non-greasy rose hip serum that reduces acne scars, dark spots, and dark circles. It evens skin tone and increases collagen production to maintain elasticity in your skin - ₹349 (MRP: ₹550)

    5. This body wash from Aveeno that contains oat extracts and natural oils is amazingly moisturising and works best on dry skin - ₹630 (MRP: ₹700)

    6. A bubble clay mask that gets rid of blackheads, detoxifies your skin, gives your pores some really deep cleansing, and feels like a cloud on your face - ₹699 (MRP: ₹899)

    7. This underarm scrub has a gentle formulation to work effectively on sensitive areas and will keep everything exfoliated and supple - ₹379 (MRP: ₹450)

    8. Give your lips some love and pampering with this luxurious almond oil and argan oil scrub - ₹294 (MRP: ₹350)

    A person using the scrub and pouting whilst holding the scrub jar near their face

    9. A pack of eye patches enriched with the benefits of green tea for some refreshing care! Pop them on whenever you want - commuting, a boring video meeting, or even when you sleep - ₹369 (MRP: ₹599)

    10. An SPF 20 detox smoothie cream to fight ageing, inflammation, and scars! It tightens pores, boosts collagen production, and detoxifies the skin - ₹684 (MRP: ₹845)

    11. Treat yourself to a posh self-care sesh with this 24k gold lip oil! It's loaded with some gorgeous ingredients like like French Vanilla pods, coffee beans, and primrose oil - ₹610 (MRP: ₹640)

    12. A refreshing ubtan face wash from Mamaearth that's loaded with the goodness of turmeric and saffron for some great exfoliation and protection from sun damage - ₹211 (MRP: ₹249)

    13. A niacinamide face serum from Minimalist to help reduce acne marks and balance oil levels. Niacinamide builds skin cells and protects your skin from environmental stresses like sunlight and pollutants - ₹569 (MRP: ₹599)

    14. This cherry blossoms, grapefruit, and pearl sheet mask literally oozes serum and will soothe both your skin and soul. And, it's made from 100% biodegradable fabric! - ₹119 (MRP: ₹149)