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    18 Delicious Gourmet Ingredients To Wow Your Taste Buds

    Mouth-watering goodness. 😋

    1. Dried shiitake mushrooms are an amazing hack to make vegan or vegetarian dishes taste more hearty and meaty. You can add them or pasta or simply grill them as well - ₹445

    2. A bottle of za'atar, a complex flavourful Middle Eastern spice blend, mainly made of toasted sesame seeds and sumac, that's versatile enough to be used in salads, dips, sandwiches, curries, meat rubs...well, you get it - ₹190

    The bottle of za'atar pictured with some focaccia bread

    3. This bottle of sriracha hot sauce to add a delicious spicy hit to your food - ₹620

    4. Create rich and decadent chocolate cakes, muffins, cookies, and even hot chocolate with this 100% pure and unsweetened cocoa powder - ₹324

    5. Make your own batch of hummus or baba ganoush or take salads and meat dishes to the next level with this silky smooth tahini - ₹400

    6. Authentic Sri Lankan cinnamon quills for biryanis, koftas, pies, and French Toast. They have over 1,000 positive ratings - ₹293

    7. Make homemade kheer and rasmalai even more indulgent with 100% pure saffron sourced from Kashmir - ₹520

    8. Get these roasted nori sheets to try your hand at making sushi from scratch - ₹850

    A plate of sushi with chopsticks

    9. Replace your vanilla essence bottles with this natural bourbon vanilla extract to make all your baked goods taste like they've come right out of a patisserie - ₹809

    10. Vegan fish sauce, made from mushrooms and seaweed, to add a kick of umami to vegetarian/vegan meals - ₹445

    11. Sumac is a spice that has a tart, lemony flavour and it's generally used in meat rubs, dips, salads, soups for an extra punch of acidity and flavour - ₹223

    12. An artisanal 72% dark chocolate cooking bar that'll take ganaches, truffles, brownies and lava cakes to the next level and you to chocolate heaven - ₹800

    13. This blueberry powder from Urban Platter can be added to pancake and waffle batters, cereals, smoothies, ice-cream, and yoghurt for a yummilicious and fun berry flavour - ₹795

    14. If you're worried about fresh herbs going to waste, get a pack of dried rosemary that is 100% natural and has a long shelf life - ₹239

    15. If you're like me and eat enough garlic to keep a vampire away, this garlic salt is made just for you! Use it to make literally any savoury dish ten times yummier - ₹229

    16. This Everything Bagel Seasoning made from toasted sesame seeds, onion powder, and garlic powder can be used on bagels as well as salads, popcorn, hummus, roasted veggies, bread, and more - ₹245

    The jar of the seasoning pictured with bagels

    17. Make granola, cereal, smoothies, and casual snacking way more interesting with these dried cranberries - ₹495

    18. Give teatime a new twist with some matcha! You can even use it to make beverages like iced tea, lattes, smoothies, or desserts like muffins, scones, waffles - ₹469

    A mug of matcha pictured with a fern and the matcha packet