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    Give Your Entire House A Makeover With These 23 Decor Items Under ₹2000

    Making your house look good on a budget!

    1. A gorgeous ikat table runner to make your dining space cheerful and also to save your table from spills and damage by hot utensils - ₹299

    A yellow and blue ikat table runner spread out on a wooden table.

    2. Make your house feel like it's straight out of a Jane Austen novel with this calming floral wallpaper that is super easy to stick on - ₹249

    3. If florals are your jam, get this pretty glass jar to amp up any corner of any room! It comes with fairy lights and a bunch of artificial flowers - ₹799

    4. A set of wooden wall shelves that literally scream, "Organisation, but make it home decor!" - ₹999

    Cubical wooden shelves used to hold glass bowls, lamps, and a small trunk

    5. Plants introduce vitality and life to spaces, and what better than these aesthetically pleasing metal planters to hold them? - ₹1,699

    6. Make your bedroom the cosiest ever with these photo clip string lights! Use them to display photos, postcards, greeting cards, artwork, prints, posters - ₹399

    The string lights being used to display photos and other prints

    7. Make sitting on the floor both fun and comfortable with this vibrant floor cushion. Bye-bye aching joints - ₹440

    A square floor cushion with a lemons printed on it. It's kept next to a bowl of lemons and two wineglasses.

    8. Pop out some chalk paint and refurbish all your old furniture with it! It can be used on wood, paper, wall, metal, glass, and earthen pots - ₹349

    9. Using similar textures ties up the decor and makes it seem uniform. Switch to neutral-coloured ceramic soap dispensers, soap dishes, and toiletry holders to achieve a gorgeous boho chic look around the house - ₹1,299

    Textured beige ceramic soap dispenser, soap dish, and toiletry holder

    10. Make your kitchen or dining area a playful space with these punny chalkboard frames that are just too adorable to not buy - ₹499

    4 chalkboard frames hung up on a kitchen wall. They have punny quotes on them like, "Catch you on the flip side", "Wok this way", "Begin each day with a grateful heart", and "Roll with it".

    11. Give your living room a traditional and elegant feel with these handcrafted Madhubani terracota matkis. They'll look superb on tables or shelves - ₹1,379

    Black, gold, and white Madhubani terracota matkis

    12. This gorgeously detailed glass lamp that's handcrafted and will bring in an old-world charm to your space - ₹777

    13. A lovely macrame throw cushion that'll bring in some calm vibes - ₹359

    A beige macrame cushion kept on a beige couch.

    14. Some stunning mosaic stickers for the wall right behind your stove to avoid splashing your walls with ugly oil stains. The stickers are anti-mark, oil-proof, and extremely easy to clean - ₹429

    15. This bohemian Nordic-style hanging shelf that you can also use as a cool bedside table - ₹399

    2 plants and a grey pot kept on the hanging shelf.

    16. This Jaipuri hand-block cushion cover to add a pop of colour to any sofa, chair, or bed - ₹499

    A tasseled Jaipuri hand-block cushion in white and yellow.

    17. Add a quirky rustic element to your home with this bamboo rope lamp. It'll look splendid in the living room, patio, dining area, or balcony - ₹1,599

    18. This metal wall art from Chumbak to ensure that your bathroom looks amazing and stays clean even after multiple uses - ₹1,295

    A frame with bathroom rules like, "Be neat and tidy" and "Hang your towel" printed on it.

    19. Mirrors create an illusion of depth and make your space feel larger, and an easy and cheap hack is using these 3D acrylic mirror wall stickers - ₹299 for 19 stickers

    Circular mirror stickers on blue wall.

    20. Or if you want the real deal, this abstract mirror will make your room seem larger and brighter. Make sure you place it adjacent to a window so it captures and reflects the maximum amount of light - ₹1,299

    21. This minimal clothes rack to make your room look like an influencer's! It'll do the job of making your space look more refined and put together - ₹1,599

    The rack being used to hang clothes, store shoes and a laundry basket.

    22. This woven cotton rope planter to show restraint and introduce neutral tones to your space. It'll create a nice laid-back ambience, whilst the plants will breathe in life and vitality to the room - ₹510

    23. Make your walls look ultra cute with these shimmery metallic butterflies! The butterflies come with a double-sided adhesive so they're extremely easy to stick on - ₹349 for 12 butterflies