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    15 Storage Hacks For Your Bathroom If You Have More Stuff Than Space

    Wall-mounted soap dispensers, a shower curtain with mesh pockets, silicone toothbrush holders, and more!

    1. This soap dispenser you can mount on the wall so your washbasin always stays uncluttered and free from soap stains - ₹399

    2. A toiletries organiser so all your products are in one place and don't keep on falling even with the slightest nudge - ₹199

    Toiletries kept neatly in the organiser.

    3. A shower caddy you can hang up in the bathroom for the hundreds of products that are always scattered on the floor - ₹739

    4. A laundry basket so you have a place to hide dirty clothes if you're not in the mood for laundry day - ₹1,799

    5. This cute little vanity storage jar for cotton balls, ear swabs, makeup sponges, bath salts, hair ties, and jewellery - ₹999

    Ear swabs kept in the jar

    6. This multifunctional wall mounted holder that will take care of all your organising needs. Use it for storing toiletries, makeup products, toothbrushes, and it even dispenses toothpaste! It'll make your bathroom look pretty and won't leave any sticker marks on the wall - ₹829

    A person dispensing toothpaste from the holder.

    7. This rolling cart to make your space less messy and so much more aesthetic. It's compact enough to fit in any space and can be rolled over to wherever you want it to be - ₹2,499

    Bathroom products kept on the rolling cart.

    8. This slim cabinet to store cleaning products, toilet paper, and other stuff that you want to stow away without creating a mess. It's made waterproof PVC foam to prevent any sort of damage. And, it also has a top shelf for keeping your phone safe and dry! Here's to 2 extra hours in the bathroom - ₹2,499

    9. A silicone rack that you attach directly to your bathroom wall or mirror in case you're short of space. Use it for toothbrushes, makeup tools, razors, and other toiletries - ₹359

    Silicone rack used to hold makeup brushes, toiletries, and pens.

    10. Keep bathroom products, toiletries, and make-up on these simple shelves that come with an attached towel rail - save up on space and make it look good at just ₹1,299!

    Toiletries, perfumes, makeup products and a towel kept on the shelves.

    11. This chic cabinet that will hold all your stuff while giving your bathroom a stylish makeover - ₹1,799

    12. Self-adhesive corner shelves to create some extra space and also to keep all your products, towels and napkins handy - ₹549

    Black metal corner racks with toiletries and towels.

    13. An over-the-toilet storage shelf in case you have a tiny bathroom and hella stuff to keep - ₹1,599

    14. Arrange your hair-styling tools and toiletries in this wall-mounted bracket, which is extremely easy to install - ₹349

    A person arranging a hair straightener on the bracket.

    15. And, this shower curtain that comes with a total of 9 pockets to accommodate every product you own and your phone without having to buy shelves, racks and cabinets - ₹4,563