19 Cool Things That Feel Like They're From 3022

    3022, is that you?

    So, I went down another rabbit hole on Reddit and this time around, I found several amazing and ingenious things from around the world that I couldn't resist sharing with you!

    1. This awesome elevator because we all know that we can't get enough of memes:

    2. This really satisfying corner for all art aficionados:

    3. This nifty attachment so your spoon doesn't get lost in unknown abysses:

    4. Getting out of the shower is going to be even harder!

    5. This handy guide:

    6. Less waste and spectacular taste!

    7. Sunburns and skin damage are a thing of the past now:

    8. These gender-inclusive bathrooms making the world a little kinder:

    9. I need to book a room here RIGHT NOW! What hangovers?

    10. This terrific public toolkit if you're stuck in the middle of the road:

    11. No more googling and spoiling the movie end credit scenes:

    12. These straws won't be a soggy mess in mere seconds:

    13. This pretty awesome feature:

    14. For every person who ends up with cardboard tubes and no plastic wrap, when they need it the most!

    15. This is SO COOL, I can't even!

    16. This beautification design that's very on-brand for the Netherlands:

    17. For people who end up spilling copious amounts of sauce in their car, bed, or sofa:

    18. This inventive design that's making me rush towards my coffee machine:

    19. And finally, these practical energy drink bottles that truly embody the concept of zero waste: