10 Wikipedia Pages About The Most Bizarre Happenings In India That Have Been Keeping Me Up At Night

    My sleep cycle is officially ruined.

    The internet is a strange place, and India is most certainly an incredibly interesting place. I therefore decided to take a deep dive into some fascinating, weird, and lowkey creepy Wikipedia pages from the country, and man, what a trip! Here are some of the most interesting pages I found:

    And yes, my sleep cycle is officially ruined!

    1. This abandoned ghost village.

    2. The Stoneman

    A mysterious person wearing a hoodie and walking at night

    3. The seemingly anti-gravity arched hall of Bara Imambara.

    The interiors of the Bara Imambara

    4. Skeleton Lake

    Skeletal remains in snow

    5. The village of twins.

    6. The Burari Deaths

    A family tree

    7. Gravity-defying hills

    8. Ghost lights in West Bengal.

    A marsh with strange lights emanating from it

    9. The disappearance of Rahul Raju.

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    Manorama News / Via youtube.com

    In one of the most bewildering missing person incidents of India, Rahul Raju, a 7-year-old from Kerala, went missing in 2005. He was playing with a bunch of friends and was allegedly spotted with a bearded middle-aged man, before vanishing from the spot. The CBI has made multiple efforts to trace him, but they have been to no avail, yet.

    10. The isolated Andamanese islanders.

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    Mind Boggler / Via youtube.com

    The Sentinelese, or eponymously the North Sentinel Islanders, are a tribe who live on the North Sentinel Island — a part of the Andaman Islands. The catch? They refuse any contact with the outside world and react violently to those who do so. They were first peacefully contacted by Indian anthropologists in 1991 and there haven't been any other such instances since 1997. 

    The Sentinelese are hunter-gatherers and do not practice agriculture. They wear bark strings and necklaces, use canoes, and live in temporary huts. However, nothing is known about their language yet.