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12 Hashtags That Must End Now

End bad stuff before it gets worse. Be it cold and flu symptoms or these nauseating #hashtags, ditch the misery and start the relief with Mucinex®.

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Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Via Shutterstock

1. You're not allowed to say "bae" unless you are 14 years old.

2. No. Your "bae" did not catch you "slippin'." "Bae" didn't even catch you sleeping. You took a selfie with your eyes closed, pull it together.


Gromovataya / Via Shutterstock

You don't walk around saying, "Hey! Just turned in that report you wanted — I did a great job." Or, "How are you doing today? I'm doing better than that. Much better. Amazing."

Don't praise yourself. Let someone else do it for you.

Start the relief. Ditch the misery. Let’s end this.™