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People Are Sharing Their Controversial Food Hot Takes And Some Of Them Are Super Spicy

Disclaimer: Soggy cereal ahead.

Mucho Burrito's new Spicy Chicken Torta is a hot take on a crispy chicken sandwich.

To celebrate, we asked people to share their spiciest opinions when it comes to food. 

1. “I never salt my food.

My entire family never salted anything growing up! And then when my sister met her Italian fiancé, he was appalled at how little we salt. He always makes jokes that we have a sodium deficiency.”

— Olivia R. 

2. “I always judge restaurants on whether or not they make you pay for bread for the table.

Bread should always be a free little snack.”

— Isabella T. 

3. “Brie is so overrated. It tastes like eating a wax seal.”

— Julia F. 

4. “Hot drinks are gross, I only drink cold drinks.

When I drink something, I want my thirst to be quenched. So I’ll never drink a hot drink. It’s not refreshing. When I drink coffee, I want to drink a cold glass of refreshing-ness. What do you get out of drinking hot drinks? Maybe someone can explain it to me.”

— Steph V. 

5. “Ketchup is for picky eaters and people who are afraid to use real seasoning.

Sure, let’s add pools of tomato sugar to the meal instead.”

— Hannah Q. 

6. “Ketchup is the best sauce.”

— Raschiela P. 

7. “Paying extra for alternative milk at coffee shops is so annoying.

Especially when you’re lactose intolerant (like me!). It’s not our fault our bodies don’t like real milk!”

— Victoria H. 

8. “The only way to enjoy a cappuccino is with whole milk.

Maybe it’s because of my big-baby-milk-drinking boyfriend, but I literally only drink coffee with whole milk now."

— Carli B.  

9. “Despite what they say, nutritional yeast does not taste like cheese.”

— Sarah S. 

10. “I only like soggy cereal.

One day I accidentally left my cereal on the table and it got all soggy. And I’ve never turned back. So now I’ll pour my cereal, go do something for a few minutes and then I'll eat my cereal”. 

— Lorri P. 

11. “Plain chips are the superior flavour of all chips.

They’re the easiest to take handfuls of, and you can eat more of them without your mouth feeling weird (I’m talking to you salt and vinegar). Plus, plain chips are the most versatile when it comes to dips and toppings. You’re welcome.”

— Haley W. 

A hot take we can all agree on? Made with crispy chicken, a house-made spicy rub, pickled red onions, tangy jalapeño coleslaw and a Mexican-style telera bun— Mucho Burrito nailed the new Spicy Chicken Torta. Click here to try it.

spicy chicken torta sandwich

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