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Why You Always Failed to Lose Weight???

Tell you how to eat if you want to lose weight!!!

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Working hard in the gym but the war with fat not going well? Eating less and less but weight regain when you stop diet?

It doesn't work if you just exercise without controlling your diet. And diet doesn’t mean not eating. How to eat and eat healthier is more important during the process you lose weight.

1. 70% diet and 30% exercise

In most people's mind, exercise is the key factor during the period of losing weight, but the fact is calorie intake is more important than calorie burning. If you just exercise and don't control the diet, nothing will change, or, become fatter.

2. Diet ≠ eat less or not eating (skip meals)

'Calorie intake lower than 1000Cal a day', 'don't eat carbohydrate completely,' 'don't eat any fat' and something like those are all WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! (Important thing has to say three times).

If calorie intake is too low, your body will reduce the basal metabolism to protect you. This means if you want to keep losing weight, you have to eat less than before, 500 Cal a day? Alternatively, you regained the weight as soon as normal eating resumes.

The wrong diet also makes people unhealthy in the long term; you will feel weak, tired, and also lead to memory loss, anemia and irregular menstrual periods for women. Sometimes people could get the eating disorder, which is really terrible.

There is nothing wrong if you want to lose weight, but keep your body health is more important than that.


When you feel hungry you are more inclined to eat high-calories foods !!!

3. "Eat right" is better than "eat less."

The first thing we consider about eating is the proper balance of nutrients. Then is calorie intake.

• More vegetable, moderate of protein, carbs, fruit and fat.

• Less sugar, salt, and other sauces. What we need to control is not fat, is sugar. If you really like sweet food, you can use moderate sweetener to replace.

• Eat less process food, fast food, snack, and dessert. This is not just for losing weight, is also for our health.

• More water less sugary drink.


4. Source of healthy food


Sources of vegetable: all of them, especially dark vegetables, like spinach, kale, broccoli…

Sources of protein: fish and other seafood (like salmon, shrimp…). Eggs, soya (soya milk, tofu…), beans, milk, yogurt with low fat and sugar, chicken, beef, turkey and nut (like almond, cashew…)

Source of fat:

Healthy fat includes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Like nuts, soya, olives oil, fatty fish…

Avoid bad fat ------- trans fat. All of the dessert, fast food like hamburger, pizza…

Source of carbs:

Rice, brown rice, whole-wheat toast or bread, purple potato, sweet potato, whole-wheat spaghetti or pasta, corn, squash…

* Food like purple potato, sweet potato, and squash can also be the healthy snack.

If you are not sure how to control the amount of food, here is the picture for you to reference.

5. How many calories do you need per day to lose weight?

People have different need of calories intake per day; you can just search on Google or go to a website called 'AUTHORITY NUTRITION'to calculate.

Moreover, for me, I used an app called MyFitnessPal to help me calculate the calorie intake.

Or you can go to their official weibsite by computer.

Or you can go to their official weibsite by computer.

6. About cheat meal

We can have ONE cheat MEAL a week to eat whatever you want, and this can encourage you to stick to your goal.

BUT! You still cannot eat too many high-calories foods on the meal you cheat. Moreover, after the cheat meal, eat more vegetables and less fat, carbs, and protein for the next meal.

***Cheat MEAL!! Not cheat day!!

7. My diet

Here are some pictures of my diet during the time I lost weight. I also eat some healthy snack between three meals. Something like apple, nut, and squash. This can help ensure the blood sugar remains constant, and then we will not feel hungry. Moreover, for me, eat more carbs and protein in breakfast is likely to work better for losing weight.

Be Yourself


Now you finished the article, here is one thing you want to think about. What do you want best? I know some people want their body to be perfect like models on Instagram, but there is no perfect thing in the world. Something you want to be perfect may spend lots of time, energy, and money from you. Before you do those things, think about is that what you want? If the answer is yes, if it makes you happy, just do it and keep going. If not, don’t give yourself too much pressure; don’t feel bad if you do not go with the stream. People are the difference; once you figure out what you want best, then fight yourself!

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