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11 Reasons Why Ancient Greece Was Exactly Like "Geordie Shore"

Just a bunch of lads and lasses shagging and fighting from Tyneside to old Corinth.

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1. Charlotte is basically just Hedylogos, the god of sweet talk and flattery.

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Remember that time Charlotte said Marnie was "a massive flirty slag with really long, confusing hair"? It was just like that.

2. Everyone was fighting. Constantly.


Like, all the time. Always kicking off – only the Greeks were fighting over ancient territorial advantage, and the Geordies were fighting over who saw... Actually, it's exactly the same.

3. They never stopped banging.

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The Greeks had a pretty right-on attitude when it came to sex – sex without labels; sex with everybody, all the time – and the same goes in Newcastle. Those lot have a passion for tashing.

(Although, tbf, the Greeks got a bit...weird. Like, there's the one myth where Leda gets off with a swan who is actually Zeus in disguise and everything.)

7. None of them are very trustworthy.

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You know like how Marnie came into the house in Season 10 and had a boyfriend and then cheated on him with Aaron? Dude, that is such a Medea move. She betrayed her father (whom she wasn't boning, IIRC) and helped Jason steal a golden fleece to claim his throne. PLUS she also murdered HER OWN BROTHER to distract her dad so Jason could escape.


11. They are all ruled by an omnipotent and vengeful god.

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The Greeks had Zeus, the quite weird, vindictive, bearded god of gods. The Geordies have Anna, the boss, constantly supplying them with alcohol and forcing them into tight corners of clubs with people they hate, all while the cameras watch on...

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