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14 "Guy Code" GIFs For Every Situation

Let the code guide your way. Tune in to MTV2's Guy Code and achieve "menlightenment"!

1. When she asks, "Did you just fart?"


So... yes.

2. When you realize you're officially too drunk to have sex:


You let your penis down.

3. While getting a prostate exam:



4. When you catch your roommate singing Taylor Swift songs while doing the dishes:


"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling... like you shouldn't do that anymore."

5. When your girlfriend says "I love you too," but you totally didn't say "I love you":


Pretty sure you said "I love juice" 'cause, you know, juice is awesome.

6. When your buddy asks you if you exfoliate:


"I don't exfoliate, but I do sexfoliate."

7. When your new hair gel makes you feel so damn adorable:



8. When you pay your friend back in singles just so you can make it rain:


...then awkwardly pick the singles off the floor after your friend just stares at you.

9. When you say "Yeah, I lift," but really this is what you mean:


(Um... What are you wearing?)

10. When your one-night stand packs you a lunch the next day:


(And calls you "pookie.")

11. When your girlfriend asks if she should take that job overseas:


(And you were about to break up with her anyway!)

12. When that annoying guy from work keeps calling you his "homie":


"You're not my homie, Kevin! You're actually the worst."

13. When the landlord promises he'll never raise your rent:


That bad boy ain't ever gonna fix your heating either!

14. When you crack a joke, and your girlfriend's dad just scowls:


That man has you by the short hairs, friend.

Guy Code has the answers to all your questions. Tune in to MTV2 Wednesdays at 11/10c!

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